New & Hot Business Dissertation Topics

Regardless of what university you’re studying at, you’ll approach the moment where you have to write a dissertation. It’s a difficult task from start to finish, and the first problem occurs right as you’re choosing among business dissertation topics. While all subjects are represented by their own complex issues, business takes a special place. It is a chance to make an actual change in the sphere you’re exploring because every side of our life is connected to this field one way or another.

The more specific your theme is, the better the results you’ll obtain. Business management dissertation topics are diverse in nature, so you could pick any company, small or big, and any problem, from customer satisfaction to production losses. It could be valuable to both organisation itself and you because if your research is thorough and innovative enough, the committee will take note of it.


How to Structure Business Dissertation?

Just like with any dissertation, you should start with competitive business dissertation topics and ideas. It will also affect your business dissertation structure. Regardless, your writing will most likely include the following sections:

  • Dissertation Title Page.
  • List of Contents.
  • An Abstract Page. Some style formats and subjects may not need one. Always ask your academic advisor when unsure.
  • Introduction With a Thesis Statement. It is the most important part of your dissertation that describes your business topic and poses a strong thesis statement.
  • Literature Review. It describes the list of books, journals, newspapers, and multimedia sources that you have consulted for research purposes.
  • Methodology. It can be either qualitative or quantitative, depending on whether you deal with numbers or mostly text-based content.
  • Samples & Analysis. This is where you provide statistical data, case study reports, surveys, personal interviews, and so on. A personal analysis with your thoughts is obligatory for earning a good grade.
  • Summary & Research Objectives. Sum up what you have learned. Talk about your research objectives regarding what you wanted to achieve and how it has ended up as the research has been done.
  • Conclusion. It summarises the main points and offers additional information for research purposes.
  • Bibliography. The list of references and sources that have been used for your business dissertation. Remember to provide in-text citations for every picture or a graph that you have used according to a specified writing style.

Note: The points above are most common for the majority of universities or business schools.

155 Interesting Topics for Your Dissertation

Let’s regard nine common divisions with topics developed for each of them. Keep in mind that these topics can be tailored to your interests in particular. Change, remove or add the names of companies you would like to research those you find most interesting.

Business Management Dissertation Topics

Business management is a complex branch of science that focuses on specific training, planning, analysis, execution, exploration, and supervision of business affairs. It can range from accounting and engineering to the retail sector and the promotion of services online. When you are dealing with a business management subject, research statistical data on the topic and explore publications that deal with a certain subject. Therefore, business management dissertations ideas may include:

  1. Business planning methods of Welsh companies vs Northern Ireland: case study analysis.
  2. Employment issues challenges of adults with dyslexia.
  3. A controversial side of eco-energy and the business actors in Parliament.
  4. E-commerce and the use of minors to promote products on social media.
  5. Business structure and changes in the retail sector during Covid-19 restrictions.
  6. Customer service and outsourcing statistics in Greater businesses.
  7. SMM Advertising versus newspaper advertising.
  8. Online insurance and protection of digital intellectual property.
  9. How have the business law marketing methods changed due to Brexit?
  10. The best ways to improve organisational productivity in the college management environment.
  11. Is automation and the excessive use of technology a threat to human analysis and business information systems?
  12. The challenges of social responsibility when dealing with risks and innovations.
  13. Is the use of electric cars an environmental solution or even a greater strain on economics?
  14. Should leadership be a separate subject in schools?
  15. Online deposits and bitcoin technology: management challenges.

Business Analytics Dissertation Topics

Business analysts work in the field of real-time data and related analysis with the use of collaboration, mobile platforms, Big Data methods, AI-based tools, and Data Discovery.

  1. The use of applied marketing research methods in political elections.
  2. How has data mining helped to prevent a financial crisis?
  3. Statistical programming methods in the field of hotel management.
  4. Customer analysis changes during pandemic times.
  5. AI-based tools and the use of database management e-business.
  6. Financial efficiency of Bitcoin vs liquid currencies.
  7. The methods to increase productivity in rural areas of Wales.
  8. Predictive analytics and the actual situation with Brexit business studies.
  9. Descriptive vs predictive methods in understanding customer satisfaction.
  10. IT knowledge and business analysis requirements in education: pros and cons.

Choose those business analytics dissertation topics that you can support with good sources and statistical data as it will make it easier as you start writing!

International Business Management Dissertation Topics

The core difference with going global in the field of business management is the use of international examples where you compare what you have locally with a certain example that can be obtained and/or studied in another country.

  1. International business consulting methods vs the United States.
  2. Global business intelligence methods of conflict resolution in India.
  3. International marketing copyright issues and legislation.
  4. Export challenges of intellectual property.
  5. How has international business registration changed since Brexit?
  6. Foreign exchange reserves and international trade policies.
  7. Research analysis and human resources management of personnel in Iceland.
  8. The financial challenges of exchange students.
  9. International supply chain management and Covid-19 restrictions in 2022.
  10. Research analysis of SMM marketing methods and distribution of the foreign content.

Use these international business management dissertation topics as the starting points, change the wording to your liking, and brainstorm similar ideas. A good idea for international business management is to turn to statistical data first to choose your target country.

Business Economics Dissertation Topics

It’s often approached as something overly challenging and filled with Maths and calculations, yet business economics also deals with analysis, predictions, and description of the state of things in a certain country or the world.

  1. Economical aspect of data mining by an average person.
  2. Microeconomics vs macroeconomics through the lens of Covid-19.
  3. Decision-making processes in the field of aeronautics.
  4. Managerial economics methods during the 1980s.
  5. Economic research and business strategy methods of real estate sector.
  6. Economics of supply chain sector and agribusiness.
  7. Brand awareness and economic risks of Welsh-speaking professionals.
  8. Consumer risks and loyalty: pros and cons of modern economic approaches.
  9. Copycat products and costs of legal disputes.
  10. Strategic management vs economic prediction methods by the Bank of.

The business experts at Writix recommend choosing case study examples for your
business economics dissertation topics as doing so will help you focus on a specific period or a problem. It is a safe method for business students who study economics.

Business Law Dissertation Topics

Business law dissertation ideas revolve around legislation and the world, depending on what topic has been chosen. Regardless if you are a Law student, this list of topics may be helpful:

  1. How have consumer protection laws changed since the Covid-19 times?
  2. The ways to determine flaws in organisational behavior in NGOs: a legal approach.
  3. Is there such a thing as the cyber law when social media is involved?
  4. Property law changes through the lens of Brexit legislation.
  5. The pros and cons of the Law of Tort.
  6. Cyberbullying: what laws must be applied?
  7. Business communication methods: what are the borderlines of corporate privacy?
  8. Data mining, online banking, and international finance legislation.
  9. Research of employment and hiring strategies during Covid-19 times: a legal analysis.
  10. Legal protection of minors involved in business marketing.

Business Marketing Dissertation Topics

If you would like to focus on creative processes, communication, delivery, and study of the value of certain products and services to customers, writing a business marketing dissertation is a safe choice.

  1. The importance of business resumes and presentations for retail sector.
  2. Are referral programs still applicable with the use of social media?
  3. Online branding versus physical branding.
  4. The challenges of promotion: customer retention.
  5. Modern advertising methods: pros and cons.
  6. The use of typically marketing strategies.
  7. The importance of social sciences for business marketing studies in 2022.
  8. The benefits of AI-based solutions for private accounting and small businesses.
  9. The importance of social ethics in remote business running.
  10. Single-person entrepreneurship versus group projects.

Government and Society Dissertation Topics

Dissertation topic ideas from this category could fit you no matter what degree you’re getting, Master’s or PhD.

  1. UK regulations that control the development of new businesses
  2. Business and society as two interrelated forces: a degree of mutual dependency
  3. Decisions of Tesco and way they affect well-being of society
  4. Sustainability programs that keep Harrods on the top
  5. Gaps in laws that owners use market
  6. Instances where government interferes in operations: grounds and consequences
  7. Three primary society needs that businesses satisfy
  8. How government regulates profits: the amount businesses would earn without these limitations
  9. Government initiatives that help businesses develop
  10. Ideal resource allocation to satisfy both business and society

Leadership Dissertation Topics

Effective leaders can make even the worst business successful. Look at these business management dissertation ideas and select whatever interests you best.

  1. Leadership in Tesco: Strengths and limitations
  2. Innovative leaders vs. old school leaders: comparison and contrast
  3. How leaders organise change. Common mistakes and ways of mitigating them
  4. Leaders’ best assistants: winner in humans vs. robots competition
  5. The most factually effective leadership style in modern times
  6. Lloyds bank: ethical problems that leaders have faced
  7. Male and female leaderships: key traits, common missteps, and success rates
  8. UK airline conflicts: Ways in which leaders addressed them
  9. Autocratic leadership and its effectiveness when managing organisational change
  10. Transactional leadership when establishing new company: advantages & disadvantages

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Behaviour Dissertation Topics

One of following management dissertation topics is bound to interest you, considering they are based on interaction between business and psychology.

  1. Strategies adopted by companies to influence potential buyers
  2. How behaviour of CEO affects workplace atmosphere & profits
  3. How managers of Lloyd bank embrace corporate social responsibility
  4. Romantic relationship between co-workers and its success influence
  5. Offering high salary vs. cultivating personal relationship with employees: What is a bigger motivator for good performance?
  6. Corporate behaviour of HSBC and its results
  7. Organisational behaviour and most effective strategies that affect it
  8. Connection between business ethics and employee culture
  9. What manager behaviour attracts more investors: Peculiarities and suggestions
  10. Embracing responsibility by yourself versus sharing it with others

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Business Environment Dissertation Ideas

There are international business dissertation topics in this category, so don’t feel restricted to.

  1. Supply chain management as cornerstone for every business: What it does and how it helps
  2. Three countries with the best environment: What makes them business-friendly?
  3. Factors contributing to productive environment across clothing businesses
  4. Company types that flourish environment
  5. UAE and: differences in environment that business owner must consider before expanding
  6. Companies that have more chances of flourishing in third-world countries
  7. Factors hindering firm development in
  8. Political, technological, and economic environment: Ways of businesses to adjust
  9. Internal vs. external environment: Which has more influence?
  10. Macro- and micro-operating environment and the way it shapes gaining of profits

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Strategic Management Dissertation Topics

Every future MBA should understand what business administration involves. The following topics help explore how the process of strategising works.

  1. Difference between strategic management and planning on the example of Lloyd Bank
  2. Five main factors that are involved in strategy creation
  3. Working out a universal strategy that helps distinguish one from its competitors
  4. Inter-organisational alliances: Their positive influence on performance and ways to form them
  5. Best behavioural strategy that should be applied when launching a new product
  6. Airlines: number of strategies needed across all sectors to ensure service quality excellence
  7. Ways in which strategic management helps retail businesses to succeed in
  8. Non-profit organisations in Scotland and role strategic management plays in their development
  9. Conventional vs. new strategic management forms: Comparative analysis
  10. Role strategic management has in formation of unique company identity

Project Management Topics for Dissertation

These dissertation topics in management could really boost your inspiration.

  1. Three superior methods of fostering productive relationships between team-members working on a project
  2. How bad management leads to project failure: retail business example
  3. Role that stakeholders play in project management
  4. Interpersonal skills needed for succeeding in project implementation
  5. Cost vs. quality management in a project
  6. Risk management strategies that have to be implemented when working on a project
  7. Completing project successfully during organisational change process: Suggestions
  8. Ethics involved in project management: EBay case study
  9. Difficulties arising on project planning and execution stages: What to pay attention to
  10. Aftereffects of project completion: Appropriate manager behaviour

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Innovations Topics

  1. Innovative approach to employees to encourage better performance
  2. Importance of innovative technologies in the work of food companies
  3. Three innovations that helped companies become giants in their sectors
  4. Edison, Jobs, and Tesla as top three innovators: What triggered their success
  5. Innovative techniques to make a start-up unique
  6. Online entrepreneurs and unusual solutions that helped them reach success
  7. Innovations in pet food production: Ways to increase profits
  8. Justified investments in innovation: When, Why, and How
  9. Innovation exchange between first and third world countries
  10. People’s changing attitude to innovations across decade: as a case study

Entrepreneurship Ideas for Dissertation

Dissertation topics in business in the sphere of entrepreneurship are common, so finding one that stands out isn’t easy.

  1. Online and physical entrepreneurship: Differences vs. similarities
  2. Resources required for creating new job types
  3. Entrepreneurs’ engagement in job creation
  4. Sources of support an entrepreneur can use for starting a new business
  5. Lack of experience vs. abundance of confidence: which is more detrimental for an entrepreneur?
  6. Peculiarities of international entrepreneurship: Things every entrepreneur must know
  7. Relationship between economy and entrepreneurship
  8. Strategy for profit maximisation a new entrepreneur in the sphere of retail should embrace
  9. IT entrepreneurship specifics in developing countries
  10. Entrepreneurship as a talent and learned skill: Truth and myths

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Human Resource Management Ideas

  1. Influence of employees on the level of customer satisfaction: Halifax bank as a case study
  2. Business marketing with an aim of attracting new people: Best tested techniques
  3. Caring about employees mental health: Suggestions that each employer should follow
  4. Online recruiting as a new way of finding best-qualified employees
  5. The boundaries of HR management when monitoring employees
  6. Online platform that creates most opportunities for recruitment
  7. Unethical HR practices and what they lead to
  8. Employee retention as a task of HR management
  9. The principle of fairness in the evaluation of employees’ performance rates
  10. Performance appraisal as hindrance to employees’ productivity

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