Criminology Dissertation Ideas for Students

When students enter university, few of them consider what dissertation they will write. They’re mostly focused on everyday tasks like essays, but since the necessity to select topic and investigate is inevitable, sooner or later, this question is going to gain urgency. Criminology is a unique subject.

Whether you’re studying it at the University of Surrey or Stirling, the final year will be tough. Some are going to require online dissertation help. But before getting professional assistance, one must look through diverse criminology dissertation ideas and decide which suits better. The more you like it, the more you’ll feel engaged in writing, meaning that chances at getting an excellent grade are going to grow. Let’s take a look at newly available criminology topic prepared by our professionals in this field.

criminology dissertation ideas

Topics on 6 Major Divisions of Criminology

We’ve divided this vast area into six main topics, each having a number of suggestions. Check them and see what criminology dissertation titles you find interesting. We’ll start with two widest general sections.

Prison & Society Topics

The perception of prisons and prisoners in society has always been a subject of hot debate. As you are choosing dissertation topics dealing with social aspects of criminal offenders, remember about narrowing your ideas down to include a single social element. See these examples to help you start writing:

  1. Portrayal of prisons in the media.
  2. Should schoolchildren have visits to prison as a part of the school curriculum?
  3. Mental health issues and serial killer personalities.
  4. Breaking down negative stigma regarding ex-prisoners and social work.
  5. Is prison punishment justified for economic or political crimes?
  6. HM Prison Wandsworth Effectiveness: Control, Crime, Punishments
  7. Barriers between Prisoners & Free People: Dual Review
  8. Thin Line between Free Life and Prison
  9. How do Ex-Prisoners Adapt to New Life?
  10. Adaptation Period in Prison: Factors of Difficulties & Success

Crime & Justice Topics

When a crime is committed, people often think of the existing criminal justice system which has numerous flaws and benefits, depending on who reviews it. Choosing your dissertation topic on justice is not an easy task, which is why consider checking criminal justice dissertation ideas:

  1. Prevention of crimes with the help of education and volunteering work.
  2. The management of prison overcrowding.
  3. Gang activity control and reporting systems: evidence vs official reports.
  4. Drug legislation and insufficient punishment.
  5. Video games violence and serial killer cases.
  6. History of Death Penalty, Its Meaning
  7. Illegal Acts That Attract Insufficient Punishment
  8. Crimes in that Result in Overly Harsh Punishments
  9. Alternative Means of Punishments: Comparisons of International Systems
  10. Validity of Putting Education Before Prison

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Ethnicity and Race Topics

Many of us know that some crimes taking place contain racial or ethnic elements. While these crimes have decreased lately, they are still widely discussed to help people avoid them and address every issue that comes up. Here are several ethnicity and race dissertation topics:

  1. Racial inequality vs South Africa.
  2. Law violations among ethnic minorities in Wales.
  3. Cyberbullying crimes and ethnicity factor.
  4. How does media contribute to the birth of hatred based on racial principles?
  5. Sports and legal consequences of racial conflicts.
  6. Race-Fuelled Lawlessness: 2015-2022
  7. Laws that Could Reduce Crimes Based on Ethnicity
  8. Minorities Representation Prisons
  9. Murders Across English Cities based on Race & Ethnicity
  10. Changes in Ethnicity: Relation to Crime over the Last Ten Years

Crime and Social Inequality

It is a popular belief that social access to welfare and one’s financial state always lead to either a higher or a lower criminal activity rate. While it is not proven scientifically due to insufficient sample groups, students may explore this field of science to bring innovations and new insight.

  1. Does the lower-income situation in the family lead to an increase in crime rates?
  2. Workplace violence towards female workers and sexual assault crimes.
  3. Discrimination in grammar schools & learning disabilities.
  4. Do people in rural areas have more social responsibility regarding law violations?
  5. Social comparison crime rates and knife crimes among the teen population of Liverpool vs Manchester.
  6. Murders Committed by Low & Middle-Class Representatives: A Comparison
  7. London Divided into Sectors: Class Separation and Violence
  8. Correlation between Public Resources & Felony Control
  9. Does Low Income Cause Violence?
  10. Discrimination: Its Impact on Violence

Activism & Riots Ideas

It is way too easy to cross the line between social campaigns and law violations as the group of people gathers together to protest. It often leads to riots and violence. Explore related criminology dissertation topics below and change them a little bit to fit your thesis statement:

  1. The Black Lives Matter social movement branch.
  2. The role of Instagram and Facebook influencers in social riots.
  3. Media bias of television networks in coverage of riots.
  4. The limitations of social activism: when responsibilities fail to work.
  5. The use of nationalistic slogans and knife crimes during social-based riots.
  6. Successful Riots & Their Consequences
  7. Riots that Caused Many Crimes
  8. Verge between Activism & Crimes
  9. When Social Mobility Masks Crimes: Cases & Impact
  10. Causes for Riots & Most Typical Kinds of Violence Committed as Their Result

Topics about Police

A successful work of criminology specialists always involves police officers, which is why choosing your policing dissertation ideas/police dissertation ideas must be approached with great care and without bias. After all, it is your research of both sides that matters.

  1. How can police body cameras help decrease police violence?
  2. Difference in behaviours of police officers in villages vs large cities.
  3. Can children’s books have a positive impact on attitude to police among teenagers?
  4. Male vs female police officers: why gender is not always significant.
  5. Police work differences between and Canada.
  6. Praise & Complaints about Police: Truth and Myths
  7. Right of Police to Use Weapons & What It Results In
  8. Crimes Commited by Police: Imprisoned Officers
  9. Criminology Network of Police Officers
  10. What Makes Criminology Investigation Successful: New Factors

If you’re still searching for other options, consider looking through a similar field. Check dissertation topics in finance or economics dissertation topics. Crimes happen in these spheres, too, and maybe you’ll locate the one that stirs your interest there. Remember, authentic interest in a theme is already a big guarantee of future success.

Criminology Dissertation Tips

Criminology dissertation represents one of the most complicated types of work even for those students who pursue their Criminology or Forensic Sciences degrees. Coming next, Psychology, Law, and Nursing also relate here. Therefore, students must consider the following rules as they start:

  • Research similar works dealing with your subject. Always consult with your academic advisor.
  • Narrow things down to become more focused on a certain problem that your criminology dissertation explores.
  • Provide new information and mention case studies to provide more samples for your methodology.
  • Include statistical information and comparisons, especially if using qualitative methodology.
  • Provide counter-argument sections to make your research unbiased.
  • Choosing your topic, avoid controversial subjects if you are not ready to deal with them.

Most importantly, always discuss every aspect with your academic advisor to avoid accidental plagiarism or copyright infringement issues as you are dealing with a plethora of information and citations.

Psychology and Criminology Connection

Regardless if you study Criminology or Psychology, these two fields of science always go hand in hand, especially when forensic analysis of mental health aspects must be done. You might already have seen it in various TV series or shows, yet take time to explore criminology and psychology dissertation ideas:

  1. Psychology aspects of domestic abuse reporting.
  2. The fear factor and analysis of child victims of crimes.
  3. Psychology of gambling and the apprehension of punishment.
  4. Male vs female perception of serial killer crimes.
  5. PTSD and military violence analysis.
  6. Are there typically crimes?
  7. Attitude to alcohol-related crimes vs the United States.
  8. Psychology of a drug dealer.
  9. How can good psychological skills help prevent bullying?
  10. Abuse of leadership in the workplace: moral and legal responsibilities.

Explore these topics to see how criminal studies always relate to psychology as one explores what has fueled the crime and what mental aspects have been involved.

Masters and Ph.D. Criminology Dissertation Ideas

Dealing with Criminology Master’s dissertation ideas, you can still choose basic Criminology topics. The difference lies in the depth of your research and the ways how you approach your methodology.

  1. Police strategies on self-control and stress management in emergency situations.
  2. Female prisons and sexual violence cases: analysis and prevention methods.
  3. Religious discrimination in society.
  4. Parental responsibilities monitoring: ethics and limitations.
  5. Interrogation of child abuse victims.
  6. Police bias in responding to emergency calls.
  7. Negative perception of police officers: the role of media and newspapers.
  8. Marginalization among police officers in Wales.
  9. Does technology lead to being anonymous: cyberbullying and online gambling.
  10. Post-prison life rehabilitation methods.

Argumentative Criminology Dissertation Topics

Argumentative dissertation topics in criminology must present some argument or make an assumption regarding whether something is possible. Using argumentative topics, make your opinion clear.

  1. Religious beliefs and terrorism cases in Northern Ireland.
  2. Are political crimes worse than economic violations?
  3. Do men and women suffer differently from domestic abuse?
  4. Mental abuse in the workplace vs physical abuse.
  5. Are immigrants to blame for the terrorist attack cases?
  6. Can police officers remain unbiased when dealing with male vs female offenders?
  7. The media portrayal of serial killers: pros and cons.
  8. School education and prevention of drug-related crimes.
  9. Should prisoners be allowed to vote and participate in politics?
  10. Social work as an alternative to imprisonment: Norway’s example.

Controversial Criminology Dissertation Topics

Remember that controversial criminology dissertation topics are not for everyone because it means facing disturbing topics that require exploring not only your position but the negative side of things as well.

  1. Reporting male rape differences: community stigma.
  2. Black Lives Matter: did the police really have their say in this case?
  3. Covid-19 related crimes: are they financial or moral?
  4. Bias towards female child abusers: social aspects.
  5. Social media as justification of psychological online crimes.
  6. Rap music as a contributor to knife crimes and violence.
  7. Do we evaluate terror attacks based on what media shows us?
  8. Are children unbiased when they report domestic violence threats?
  9. Prevention of terrorism methods between and the USA.
  10. Do serial killers have morals?


  • What topics may be chosen when I write a criminology dissertation?

You can consider anything from police violence and social injustice to social campaigns, prisoners, and domestic violence. Basically, anything that involves Criminology can be handled by our experts as you compose your dissertation. Just place your order and we shall assist you right away.

  • How to Choose a Criminology Dissertation Subject?

It must be something that motivates you for research and something that you know well. It is recommended to narrow things down a little bit and play with the alternate wording to fit your thesis statement. You should discuss things with your academic advisor and remain unbiased as you research.


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