Dissertation Topics for a Stunning Paper

Out of all assignments, working with a dissertation is the most complex task for any student. The key to success is in choosing a relevant, argumentative topic first. The task of a dissertation is exploring a particular subject in-depth and posing a question that would explain the author’s thesis statement. Looking through dissertation topics, ensure that what you choose is good enough for thorough scientific research that shows your skills and knowledge. A successful dissertation is an important milestone as one builds a professional career.


How to Choose Excellent Dissertation Topic?

Even when there are myriads of dissertation ideas available, not all of them are good or fitting for a particular university course or meet personal expectations. To avoid anxiety typical for such situations, start by identifying the focus of research and even the general list of possible subjects.

  • The topic must inspire you. Choose only those subjects that motivate you for exploration. If there was some experience with a particular matter, use it wisely, accommodate resources and existing skills for best results.
  • Only arguable topics count. Check whether the chosen topic responds to a question and focuses on a problem presented. It should not be too narrow either as good analysis must have space to expand.
  • Avoid vague subjects. Topics that cover too much at once usually result in weak thesis or paragraphs that cannot connect thoughts in between. If there is topic you like, check if it’s possible to narrow it down for deeper exploration.
  • Research availability on a chosen topic. Before any choice is made, check for academic sources that may be cited as a reference or resources that study similar papers and explore the same dissertation questions. Such an approach will help you see whether there is enough material to support your arguments.
  • Brainstorm the weaknesses. Finding something relevant will easily capture a student’s mind, so it takes days with lots of careful planning to find out all the limitations a topic possesses. It may be a popular matter in debates like Brexit, but there is not much new or unique to be said about it.
  • Professional advice matters! There are academic rules or circumstances when asking for additional help is inevitable. Approach assigned advisor with a concern or receive due help from professional dissertation help that includes professional help, proofreading, plagiarism check, formatting, sorting, and much more. This kind of research takes time, so do not waste it if you feel stuck or have trouble at any work stage.

Features That Make Good Dissertation Topics Work

Most university students these days explore existing topics on impulse and do not take enough time to explore and evaluate them. It results in disappointment and a lack of quality citations or references that support the main thesis. If there are topics recommended by your tutor, start with them first and see how they may be customised or adjusted to meet the sources. If there are no readily available subjects that seem to work, proceed with a list of topics by narrowing them down. There must be an evident connection with possible thesis, so actual research can be made.

dissertation topics

Once there are at least 3 topics that sound credible, look for background information on the subject or create a draft or introduction that would identify the purpose and research context. The two main factors that make chosen ideas for dissertation work are those containing clear aims and objectives. Since those must be presented in the Introduction part, start with a short draft. Topic should not just pose definite answer to a problem but offer sufficient ground for debates. Those students who have no time for extensive analysis should type do my dissertation in Google and find a dissertation expert who’ll help achieve successful outcome.

100 Hot Topics For Dissertation Papers

While the dissertation outline usually follows a definite structure, there is more freedom in research topics. Below are some hot ones, divided by disciplines.

Law and Criminal Justice

This subject includes anything related to legislation, criminal justice, rehabilitation of offenders or disputes related to court hearings.

  1. Racial disparity
  2. Protection of sexual abuse victims
  3. Is capital punishment biased?
  4. Effect of criminal news in mass media
  5. The dangers of modern privacy laws
  6. Factors identifying possible domestic violence
  7. Juvenile aggression and cruelty in video games
  8. Legal perception of post-Brexit restrictions
  9. corporal punishment vs the American system
  10. College bullying cases among academic professors
  11. An image of workplace pressure and legal persecution
  12. real estate land protection laws in 2021


Explore modern learning challenges and focus on evident problems faced by both students and educators in the country.

  1. Distant learning challenges
  2. Electronic books in primary schools
  3. Should there be several teachers in the classroom?
  4. Educational initiatives for criminal offenders
  5. Private schools in Ireland
  6. Montessori learning freedoms
  7. International students
  8. Special classrooms for students with disabilities
  9. The role of boarding schools in 2021
  10. The effect of gender-based schools in history
  11. Should students aim for foreign universities?
  12. Why learning is popular among foreigners?


Although quite difficult to complete, brainstorm these opinions dealing with styles, construction rules, and even dreary weather.

  1. Media impact on construction styles
  2. Modern mosques
  3. Gothic construction origins
  4. Urbanization challenges
  5. Countryside sanitary systems
  6. Climate changes risks for architects
  7. Construction advertisement rules
  8. Urbanization in Manchester
  9. Innovations in architecture vs cultural heritage
  10. The garden construction styles
  11. Changes in architecture trends in Covid-19 times
  12. Chinese materials in modern construction methods and related risks


Writing about Brexit is popular these days, so start with a subject that asks a question or leads to an argument.

  1. Who wins from Brexit
  2. foreign politics
  3. Ethnic minorities in Whales
  4. Media bias in the presentation of political parties
  5. Boris Johnson personality
  6. Leadership government
  7. Future perspectives of post-Brexit society
  8. role in Afghanistan and related consequences
  9. invasion through the lens of India and Pakistan
  10. Should intelligence structures have more control abroad?
  11. Welsh language and political aspects
  12. Should school children participate in politics?

Art & Culture

It can be anything that speaks of a unique country’s heritage or modern practices. Always make sure there are sources to support each claim.

  1. Instagram and body image effect
  2. Soccer clubs culture
  3. Social frustration of modern youth
  4. Student cafes in
  5. Segregation in society
  6. Modern computer engineered art
  7. The cultural aspect of graffiti
  8. Changes to cuisine and globalisation
  9. The phenomenon of Britpop music style
  10. Has punk culture been born?
  11. Modern smartphones use language and practices
  12. The changes to household style during Covid-19 and social distancing times

English & Literature

While it seems to be easy to focus on a particular book or linguistics, it is also possible to explore difficulties faced by international students or ethnic minorities. Speaking of literature, avoid narrow thesis or combine several themes at once.

  1. The decrease in literacy among school children
  2. Gender inequality in Dickens’ works
  3. The theme of loss in Burns poetry
  4. English as a second language
  5. Gaelic imagery in modern books
  6. Religious aspect in stories by C.S. Lewis
  7. Ways to preserve English language heritage
  8. Shakespeare’s Sonnets: Why they could not be matched?
  9. George MacDonald’s fantasy style and Christian mission
  10. Robert Burns – The national bard
  11. Should the lyrics of the Beatles be considered a piece of literature?
  12. official vs colloquial language

MBA & Business Management Dissertation Topic Ideas

Starting with leadership styles to an advertisement in the digital domain, MBA research papers are more popular than ever. Focus on dissertation layout by working with an outline draft to eliminate repetitions.

  1. Strategic risk management methods
  2. Peculiarities of entrepreneurship
  3. Outsourcing as an innovative management
  4. Globalization effect on small businesses
  5. Advertising online
  6. Data management analysis
  7. Effects of creative marketing and leadership
  8. SMM management within physical management methods
  9. Changes to logistics during pandemic restrictions
  10. Individual coaching vs. group coaching sessions
  11. Sports management during Wimbledon tennis tournament
  12. perception of international partnership in the post-Brexit environment


Since this field of science is rather sensitive, ensure that there are due respect and coverage of both sides of an issue chosen.

  1. Media censorship
  2. Coverage of sensitive information
  3. Brexit hysteria in the newspapers
  4. Privacy rights & intellectual property
  5. Paparazzi within the legal workplace
  6. Digital media versus print outlets
  7. Transparency of political TV shows
  8. Should bloggers be seen as journalists?
  9. Biased coverage of Covid-19 violations
  10. The role of newspapers
  11. The use of slang in modern journalism should not be allowed
  12. Environmental journalism and the freedom of speech

Healthcare & Nursing

The experts recommend including statistics or graphs to support provided claims. Before choosing anything, study existing data to create reliable scientific thesis.

  1. Plastic surgery health risks
  2. Prenatal screening accessibility
  3. Modern healthcare initiatives
  4. Inequality of healthcare quality rural areas
  5. Traditional medicine practices
  6. Emergency education and scout groups
  7. Obesity and social media culture
  8. Psychological effect of social distancing
  9. The challenges of remote learning among middle school children
  10. Health risks of vapor smoking
  11. The risks of vaccination
  12. Access to multilingual nursing help in Ireland and Wales

Computer Science

dissertation topics

Programmers and Data Network engineers often find it hard to select a fitting topic, so there are a few ideas to make your creative juices flow:

  1. Cryptocurrencies transaction methods
  2. Network Data Neutrality
  3. Online privacy on social networks
  4. Cyberbullying precautions
  5. Is online globalization evident?
  6. Open-source software culture
  7. Intellectual property protection methods
  8. Gender studies in the network engineering field
  9. Computer-assisted education
  10. The dangers of artificial intelligence and drones in military operations
  11. Big Data analytics challenges among top companies
  12. Global impact of cyber security threats on banking sector
  13. An ethical side of Data Mining through the prism of legislation


If your course relates to Biology, Forensic Sciences, Sociology, Physics or Chemistry, explore these possible dissertation ideas:

  1. Role of regulatory proteins in the management of immune diseases
  2. UK forensic research methods versus American approaches
  3. Link of neuro-stimulation medication with anti-social behaviour
  4. Management of historical biological data
  5. The ethical side of genetics & DNA tests
  6. Nanoparticles as a way to treat memory loss disease
  7. Outcomes of Human Genome Project pairing technology
  8. Food production and genome studies
  9. Why did Epidemiology become unprepared for the Covid-19 outbreak?
  10. Recovery of endangered species in the Isle of Man
  11. New discoveries in the field of DNA analytics and genetic engineering
  12. Soundwaves and new age musicians study analysis


This science branch explores brands, customer behaviors, online sales, stock markets, and advertising. Compare and contrast method is recommended.

  1. Online sales versus physical shops
  2. Globalization in marketing methods
  3. Aggressive advertisement: risky or beneficial?
  4. Democratic leadership style
  5. Customer retention rules
  6. Brand loyalty and pop culture
  7. Trading boycotts challenges
  8. How can one develop a brand?
  9. Competitive positioning on social media
  10. Market Penetration vs. Diversification
  11. Marketing to elderly challenges
  12. Launching a new project in Wales: pros and cons

Psychology & Social Sciences

While there are numerous psychology dissertation ideas, it is easy to get lost, therefore, start with a list of sources, create strong thesis, and proceed with methodology. See these examples:

  1. High suicide rates
  2. Computer games addiction among children
  3. Modern social protest presentation
  4. Domestic abuse reporting
  5. Rehabilitation of victims after substance abuse
  6. Meditation as a stress treatment
  7. Pathophysiology detection methods
  8. Is psychological screening by employers acceptable?
  9. Facing anxiety during pandemic times of social distancing
  10. Analysis of autism
  11. The most common challenges of teenagers in 2021
  12. Single parenting in rural communities
  13. Child abuse stigma: celebrities speaking out

Economics & Finances

Life through these turbulent economic times is already reflected in academic assignments written by most students, which makes these suggestions safe to use as templates:

  1. Financial support sources of private schools
  2. Role of social capital for successful startup initiatives
  3. Property market analysis in pre-Brexit economics
  4. Investor relations in Northern Ireland
  5. Microeconomic transitions in the real estate property market
  6. Oil price changes related to foreign investments
  7. Economic recession control mechanisms
  8. Regional development challenges & cultural diversity
  9. Potential GDP and trend growth in 2021
  10. Dealing with a mixed economy internationally
  11. purchasing power parity changes in the last two decades
  12. Supply and demand peculiarities in Scotland
  13. Will Green Economics methods lead to even more inequality in society?

Human Resources

Human resources deal with anything from strategic management and planning to the training of personnel and recruiting. It makes it important to make the correct choice for your dissertation. Here are some HR dissertation ideas:

  1. Equal employment opportunities in Northern Ireland
  2. Strategic HR management methods in post-Brexit society
  3. How has the labour market changed during pandemic times
  4. Human resources training in vs Glasgow methods
  5. How to choose appropriate human resources?
  6. Millenials vs American counterparts
  7. Compensations during Covid-19 restrictions
  8. Did pandemic times introduce a necessity for additional managerial training?
  9. Workplace safety bias in rural areas
  10. Talent management and social media

Accounting & Finance Dissertation Topics

  1. Accounting codes
  2. Bank wires vs. digital money transfers
  3. Use of AI-management tools for accounting purposes
  4. Taxation
  5. Bias in financial reporting standards
  6. The role of modern financial management in post-Brexit manufacturing
  7. Digital revenue management analysis
  8. Full disclosure principle vs objectivity strategy in accounting
  9. Why realisation concept is important when things must be matched
  10. Forensic accounting methods vs concepts used in the United States

History Dissertation Topics

The role of history for people cannot be underestimated because it is an important part of life that has crucial importance. Here are some interesting dissertation topics on history to consider:

  1. The factors leading to the failure of the Commonwealth in 1659
  2. The role of nurses during the First World War
  3. The Battle of Hastings: the transformation of
  4. Brexit debate: pros and cons
  5. The personality of Margaret Thatcher
  6. Wars of the Roses as the reflection of foreign politics
  7. The heritage of Tudors and Stuart
  8. A cultural impact of the Victorian era
  9. Queen Elizabeth II: a lady that keeps people united
  10. Portrayal of Norman Britain by film industry

Graphic Design & Fashion Dissertation Topics

Students that have chosen graphic design, media studies, or fashion as their future career also face the challenges of coming up with competitive dissertation topics. Think about what inspires you and always narrow things down to focus on something specific. These fashion and graphic design dissertation topics will help you start:

  1. Britpop vs Grunge style clothing
  2. Royal etiquette during the last decade
  3. Is being exotic allowed for business presentation purposes?
  4. Understanding of Bohemian fashion style by people
  5. The fashion trends set by Queen Victoria
  6. The most famous graphic designers and vinyl records
  7. Blur and Oasis: why are their fashion trends still popular?
  8. How to dress like a typical person
  9. graphic design standards vs American benchmarks
  10. school uniform: from the 1950s to the present times

Project Management

  1. Agile Project Management methods: pros and cons
  2. Why Earned Value Management style is not always popular among the Brits
  3. Resource management and ethical considerations of architectural projects
  4. Online management courses vs in-person training
  5. stakeholder management strategies
  6. Project-based financial services and their role in economy
  7. Salaries of project managers
  8. The importance of customer service ethics in project management
  9. Project management in India: does legacy matter?
  10. Safety concerns of environmental project management: transparency vs profits

As it becomes evident from the extensive list above, multiple topics can be adjusted according to personal preferences. Regardless of what is chosen, the most crucial aspect is focusing on thesis topics that either present valid questions or stir debate between two opinions. As a rule, such papers provide enough space for good structure and counter-arguments to make analysis sound confident.

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