How Long is a Dissertation on Average?

Considered as the most complex and lengthy academic task, the dissertation belongs to those assignments that take much time and effort to complete. In addition to formatting rules and structure, most students wonder how long is a dissertation and what factors constitute the recommended paper length. Usually, this kind of writing is much longer than usual school essays because it requires researching in greater detail.

Although one of the rules is usage of reliable academic references and citing, such work calls for independent analysis and clear methodology. Depending on primary or secondary research approaches, final length may vary accordingly, so an author must consider initial dissertation ideas and existing course requirements.

how long is a dissertation

Why Writing a Dissertation is Important

The reason why dissertation length always differs lies in an author’s approach to a chosen topic, methodology, counter-arguments, statistics, appendixes, and any additional information specific for particular disciplines. Writing may be challenging and stressful but it is an important display of personal knowledge and ability to conduct lengthy, detailed research.

Since it has a considerable impact on a final grade, this assignment should be taken with due responsibility and evaluation. Most universities also request a literature review for a dissertation, which helps when ensuring that analysis is supported by approved sources. It shows that student is capable of choosing relevant information and meeting existing requirements.

Typical Paper Format

No matter how many words in a dissertation, there are stricter rules when it comes to formatting requirements or obligatory parts that should be met in almost any paper. In most cases, students will work with an abstract, provide comprehensive introduction, choose suitable methodology, work with statistics. If applicable, provide detailed literature review, which becomes even more lengthy when research included.

Next, students should collect study results, offer your opinion, ending with a dissertation conclusion part. While there may be several changes, depending on topic or university rules, many universities follow particular scientific research structure template. Nevertheless, check twice with your tutor in case there are specific format requirements.

Dissertation Length: Basic Thesis Structure

According to statistics, an average dissertation word count accounts for 10,000 words, considering there is primary research. Assuming a typical introduction length of about 800 words for paper’s beginning, consider major differences with findings. In general, the word structure of a dissertation follows this template:

  • Introduction (800 – 1,000 words)
  • Literature Review (1,200 – 2,000 words)
  • Methodology Part (1,500 – 2,000 words)
  • Research Stage (800 – 1,000 words)
  • Data Analysis (2,000 – 2,200 words)
  • Research Findings (1,000 – 1,200 words)
  • Conclusion (800 – 1,000 words)

Now you know how many words is a dissertation for an average student. Make sure to discuss each section with your professor and approve their length in advance. If necessary, include personal opinion or proposal for further analysis with an indication of additional literature. Conclusion length should equal to introduction or even be longer. When planning to approach custom online dissertation help, discuss word count with your writer beforehand.

Literature Review for a Dissertation

Literature review has significant purpose. It surveys all materials collected and used during writing process. These sources should be scholarly and may contain articles, books, conference proceedings, case studies, lab reports, surveys or other resources that are relevant to your particular hypothesis, research area, provides context by identifying data taken from past analysis. Thesis that has about 100 pages in the body should include at least 100 sources. But once again, clarify with tutor how long is a dissertation and how many sources to use.

Good Work Takes Time

Various online reports show that the majority of students that type can someone write my dissertation for me in a search engine do so because of time concerns, lack of proper sources or inability to calculate an average dissertation length. Since there are such factors as the number of required sources or dealing with chosen methodology length, the time required for successful completion is never enough.

Even though there are exceptions, an average time to write a good paper usually varies between 12 – 18 months. Consider the data collection process, which is never constant, depending on the initial volume, popularity of chosen subject. Keep in mind that there’s research proposal stage where tutor or the committee may request additional work or clarifications on the subject. It does require much effort, but it pays off in the end!

Professional Online Assistance

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