180 Law Dissertation Topics Sorted by Thematic Category

A dissertation is a long structured essay typically required as a final evaluation piece from students graduating from a university or college. Dissertations focus on narrow specialization related topics which aim at advancing understanding and demonstrating student’s abilities to work with information from the respective professional domain. If you don’t have a lot of free time, use our law essay help.

Law dissertations help students accumulate knowledge in a chosen field, while also demonstrating their reasoning skills, their ability to identify reliable sources, to correctly interpret contained information, to use it in elaborating and advancing knowledge in the corresponding topic. Below, we list 80 law dissertation topics categorised.

Law dissertation ideas

Law Dissertation Topics by Category

Finding a suitable topic might represent quite a challenge and a time-consuming step for many students. Obviously, one option is to delegate the entire dissertation to a law assignment help and let them choose a topic, but normally, students want to decide themselves on their dissertation topics and this is quite understandable. Below we provide a vast topic list to select from.

EU legislation dissertation topics

  1. Europe’s power as legal entity in negotiating with corporations
  2. Evolving role of national legislation given EU supremacy
  3. Implications of EU international trade deals on its commercial operations
  4. Standardization in legislation as means to limit bureaucracy and facilitate exchanges of goods & services inside the EU
  5. European commercial laws – impact on neighbouring territories
  6. Too little too slow? – European reforms required for addressing the union’s inertness
  7. EU’s Eastern Partnership as means to expand legislative and democratic standards to Eastern European & Caucasian states
  8. Basic legal code underlying EU’s freedom of movement
  9. General Data Protection Regulation as great regional move towards safer Internet and greater privacy
  10. Scope of common taxation rules described by EU legal code – relationship between these rules and national government decisions on taxation
  11. The directives and legislations that have forced government to delay the Brexit procedure
  12. European legislation and the Withdrawal Agreement
  13. Parliament’s European Communities Act 1972: pros and cons
  14. European Economic Community’s take on cryptocurrency regulations
  15. customs system change through the lens of EU obligations

Criminal Law Dissertation Topics

  1. What does developmental psychology say with regard to the minimum age when children can serve as witnesses
  2. Laws preventing fraudulent behaviour in Internet gambling – are they catching up with reality?
  3. Are laws regulating online gambling relevant in a world where international casinos, VPNs, cryptocurrency are a reality?
  4. Should criminal legislation reconsider the need for punishment (for instance, releasing from prison murderer who committed the crime due to an adverse reaction to a prescribed drug)?
  5. How effective are laws treat recidivism in different countries or jurisdictions?
  6. Does increasing punishment severity lead to fewer crimes?
  7. Can criminal laws have a role in crime prevention?
  8. Legal implications brought by constantly improving forensics methods
  9. Disparity between the legal definition and ethical/cultural representation of a crime (including its relative gravity) in different cultures – is this a hindrance for international legal code?
  10. Role of mental states in defining legal responsibility: mental insanity, intoxication, strong emotions
  11. Involuntary manslaughter processing between and US practices
  12. Criminal damage in the environmental sphere in Scotland and surrounding areas
  13. Why media often involuntarily promotes inchoate offences?
  14. The problems of cyberbullying in schools and online communities
  15. Why non-fatal offences must be approached differently: a study of the Criminal Justice Act of 1988 (Section 39)


Child Protection Dissertation Ideas:

  1. How much authority should the state have in protecting children from their parents?
  2. Legal definitions of child’s safety & well-being
  3. Do living standards in foster homes correlate positively with frequency of state intervention in families – an analysis across developed and developing nations
  4. Custody rights of parents with criminal background
  5. Laws allowing intervention within families where children suffer from extreme poverty
  6. Children’s rights during divorce – are they good enough?
  7. Evolving reluctance among parents towards physical abuse – contagious spreading around the world as reflected in laws adopted within the last decades
  8. Expanding definition of child abuse – are all forms of abuse reflected in current legislation?
  9. Exotic cultural traditions which could be considered child abuse under law
  10. Refusing vaccination as an infringement of child’s rights
  11. Child protection services and parental responsibility
  12. Social media campaigns as the mechanism of domestic child abuse prevention
  13. Children Act 1989 through the lens of education and Covid-19 restrictions
  14. Emotional neglect of children with autism
  15. Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018 Act: pros and cons

Employment Law Dissertation Topics:

  1. Peculiarities and risks characterizing employment laws regulating remote online work (remote freelancing) across the border
  2. Addressing legislative problems and challenges presented by remote online employment
  3. Issues with employment legislation as seen by immigrants to
  4. Impact of employment legislation regulating outsourced seasonal work
  5. Causes for declining membership industrial unions from the ‘80s till nowadays
  6. Analysis of current legislative framework underlying trade unions
  7. Comparative analysis of laws regulating craft unions and labour unions
  8. Imagining a legislative framework for implementing universal basic income
  9. Loopholes in anti-discrimination laws frequently exploited by employers
  10. Possibility to exploit anti-discrimination laws by ill-intentioned employees
  11. Data Protection Act vs GDRP rules: positive changes and drawbacks analysis
  12. Zero-hours contracts: why do they represent good legal practice
  13. Employment contract for exchange students
  14. An ethical aspect of pre-employment online check
  15. Why does employing overseas workers damage local employment rates
  1. Legislation allowing family reunification – similarities and differences between countries
  2. Are current rules regulating financial split after divorce an obstruction to the latter?
  3. How adultery changes legal balance of forces between two divorcing partners
  4. Problem of poor legal differentiation between rape and adultery in some Islamic countries
  5. A review of laws regulating same-sex marriages across western countries
  6. Differences in domestic violence laws throughout the world
  7. Family legislation conflicting mostly with traditions of local religious and cultural minorities
  8. Legal implications of cohabitation – are there any issues or imbalances?
  9. Role of empirical evidence for shaping the current landscape family legislation.
  10. Property inheritance rights for children from previous marriages
  11. The major differences in family dispute resolution cases between Wales and Ireland
  12. The effect of Covid-19 on civil partnership legislation and territorial laws
  13. An ethical aspect of pre-and-post-nuptial agreements through the lens of property law
  14. The effect of Brexit on the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 and divorce cases
  15. Brussels II bis Regulation jurisdiction in and Wales: why most legal property petitions are ignored

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Human Rights Dissertation Topics:

  1. Legal conflict between confession freedom and public order – which one has higher priority?
  2. Is it opportune to offer permanent residents more political rights (for instance, voting)?
  3. What legislation should be changed to remove gender inequality vestiges in society?
  4. Anticipated legislation evolution within conservative societies transitioning towards free universal education – lessons derived from history and geography
  5. How well is the UN Declaration of Human Rights reflected in other countries legislation?
  6. Contemplating legal code system which would make direct Internet democracy possible
  7. How social security rights compare to those in Scandinavian countries
  8. How does poor legislation or poor implementation of intellectual property rights lead to talent migration?
  9. Key legal code required to ensure social and professional integration of people with disabilities
  10. Laws required to facilitate integration of Syrian refugees in EU countries
  11. Coronavirus regulations and their negative effect on inequality and access to education issues
  12. The attitude of ethnic groups to the Black Lives Matter movement
  13. Why human rights do not work on social media in 2021
  14. The limitations of the Freedom to Expression legal code
  15. Freedom of assembly and association vs corporate ethics

Medical Law Dissertation Topics:

  1. Aspects of dealing with non-implanted embryos after in vitro fertilization
  2. Surrogacy legislation – an overview across nations
  3. Rights of surrogate mothers
  4. Legal provisions essential for establishing relationships between organ donors and receivers
  5. An evaluation of the current decision system used to establish whether a person should be turned off from a life support machine
  6. Evaluating medical tourism caused by restrictive medical legislation in certain jurisdictions?
  7. Euthanasia legalization worldwide – is it accelerated by the phenomenon of euthanasia tourism?
  8. Comparative analysis of forced sterilization laws for males accused of sexual offences in different countries
  9. Legal procedures for distinguishing between medical mistakes and incompetence/ recklessness
  10. Legal dilemma when unconscious patients receiving life-saving medical assistance later attack medical institutions in court invoking cultural, religious, or personal beliefs prohibiting such procedures (e.g. blood transfusion)
  11. The most common causes of clinical negligence
  12. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis: legal and ethical consequences
  13. The differences between reproduction laws in and Wales
  14. Covid-19 and biomedical research: a temporal critique of vaccine tests
  15. Assisted dying and cultural practices of the immigrants in sources

Terrorism Dissertation Ideas

  1. Domains of economy or social life typically affected by terrorism prevention laws
  2. Transportation regulation legal code for terrorism control
  3. Usefulness of international agreements and cooperation in tracing and dealing with terrorism on a global level
  4. Laws regulating hazardous substances which could be used in terrorist acts
  5. Why functional legislation is needed even for emerging terrorist threats, such as biological pathogens
  6. What legal improvements in preventing chemical terrorism should result after the Novichok neurotoxin attack in Salisbury
  7. How legislation regulating financial transaction transparency is essential in fighting terrorism
  8. How cryptocurrency enables dark market transactions including those related to terrorism
  9. Reviewing examples when counterterrorism legal code has been used by authoritarian regimes for restricting personal freedoms
  10. How to prevent legally the temptation to use counterterrorism legislation for enforcing mass surveillance
  11. Public and private space freedoms legislation in Wales
  12. Analysis of the typical counter-terrorism hostile vehicle methods between and other European countries
  13. The role of architectural liaison officers in the prevention of religious and political crimes
  14. The methods to raise social awareness about current protective security strategies in society
  15. Urban counter-terrorism prevention methods vs countryside practices

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International Law Dissertation Topics

  1. How did Brexit legislation affect international security positions?
  2. The failure of troops in the establishment of peace in Afghanistan: case study analysis
  3. Covid-19 restrictions and international human rights observance
  4. Why international criminal legal code is not always applicable to legal practices
  5. Current refugee regulation laws: pros and cons
  6. Real estate law for foreigners in Scotland and Wales
  7. The negative impact of EU on practices of military interference
  8. Cultural practices encountered in India and legislation’s influence
  9. The sea piracy: what laws must be addressed to prevent or decrease the practice?
  10. The most prominent international policies that set apart from the rest of the world

Human Rights & Immigration Law Dissertation Topics

  1. The reasons why schoolchildren understand politics better than most adult people: voting rights dilemma
  2. Syrian refugees: why their presence brings even more confusion to post-Brexit society
  3. Analysis of the social movements that focus on women’s rights and their protection from domestic violence
  4. Business outsourcing laws and the reasons why immigration law must focus more on labour power coming from the United States
  5. What legislation helps to identify international criminals as the flow of immigrants from Afghanistan increases
  6. Political bias cases in immigration of foreign celebrity figures and entrepreneurs
  7. An acute housing shortage as the cause-and-effect problem of current immigration laws
  8. Asylum seekers vs asylum grant rules in the United States
  9. How did EU control either increase or decrease immigration fraud cases: statistical analysis
  10. What ethical procedures must be implemented by human rights advocates to prevent hostile environment issues

Commercial Law Dissertation Topics

  1. The business banking laws vs prior EU legislation rules
  2. Constitutional rights and privacy of taxation documents in Wales
  3. E-Commerce freedoms granted by Brexit: an achievement or a serious risk?
  4. Distribution of solar energy and innovative methods: legislation shortcomings
  5. How the corporate solidarity of international corporations ruins ethical standards
  6. Consumer protection in the field of video games and entertainment: vs the United States
  7. Covid-19 and fraud caused by the major insurance companies
  8. Unfair competition in media and newspapers in coverage of international issues
  9. Protection of intellectual property laws and the use of cloud services
  10. Business vs Consumer relations: who has more legal rights?

Company Law Dissertation Topics

  1. Administrative laws and workplace harassment issues
  2. Company neglect of individuals with learning disabilities: how do laws control such issues?
  3. Humanitarian aid controversy as the way to improve one’s image
  4. Starting a company: the challenges and solutions
  5. Oil and gas regulations during the post-Brexit legislation period
  6. Corporate governance and modern leadership methods
  7. The legal side of pre-employment screening
  8. Use of minors in the fashion industry: commercial and ethical aspects
  9. Environmental aspects of outsourcing and corporate responsibility abroad
  10. Commercial transactions and cryptocurrency laws

Tax Law Dissertation Topics

  1. Real estate fraud and inheritance tax rules
  2. Capital allowances of citizens vs American legislation system dealing with CA
  3. The mechanisms that regulate and prevent tax avoidance practices
  4. Solar and wind energy saving: should corporation tax laws be adjusted?
  5. Income from land and tourism: should government reconsider its touristic regulations?
  6. International sea trading, maritime industry laws, and Brexit
  7. Personal allowance and remote education: the new challenges faced by students and parents
  8. The role of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs vs local councils
  9. Council tax from households: pros and cons
  10. Foreign income taxation systems for non-residents

Criminal Law EPQ Questions

EPQ stands for Extended Project Qualification project, which is suitable for students that are currently in Year 13. It is a special standalone qualification that is meant to extend and develop a leader’s skills for independent research and project management. It is worth half an A-Level, which makes it essential when applying to university. In most cases, it will contain a prompt with a question that you must explore in an essay.

Here are some law EPQ ideas to help you envision what it looks like:

  1. Why does ethical discrimination happen during criminal analysis practices?
  2. Are criminals born this way or it is the environment that shapes them?
  3. How do criminal movies affect the children as they form their life’s outlook?
  4. How accurate is the DNA identification method?
  5. Should Covid-19 rules violation be considered a criminal or civil offence?
  6. Are there crimes that have no victims per se?
  7. What are the current methods of suspect profiling?
  8. What are the pros and cons of Victimology science?
  9. What makes criminal system unique through the prism of the world?
  10. Why interrogation of children is a practice that has a right to exist?

Remember that as you choose your law dissertation topics style, you must show due respect and sensibility, especially when dealing with subjects like domestic abuse, religious conflicts, or gender issues. Always provide due references and give credit to original authors even if it is an image, a map, or statistical data.

How to Structure Your Law Dissertation

As you work with the law dissertation structure, it is essential to provide only vital bits of information and include short references to rules, codes, provisions, statutes, mandates, and regulations without repeating them word to word or including them in your final word count. The most common law dissertation structure must include:

  • Title Page. It will always depend on your college or university, including your law dissertation titles aspect and authorship.
  • Abstract. It is a summary of what is encountered in your dissertation. No quotes or references are allowed here.
  • Table of Contents. Title and contents are omitted here.
  • Introduction. It is an introduction of your subject done in about 100-200 words. It should also discuss objectives and offer basic background.
  • Methodology. This part is truly essential and should be around 200-300 words in total. It can be either qualitative or quantitative. In certain cases, a mixture of both methods is allowed.
  • Literature Review. It must focus on related theories and publications that you have referenced or studied for your work.
  • Evidence or Samples. It is not only what you have discovered but also about what you could conclude. Use visionary points and provide details to support your notions.
  • Conclusion. Your final part sums things up and must go beyond mere descriptions. Provide information in bullet points if allowed.
  • Recommendations. It is not always used in law dissertations, yet it is a good way to offer suggestions and discuss further research options based on your findings and objectives.

Of course, your structure may always change depending on the subject and the use of sample data. Just remember to take care of references to avoid plagiarism issues.

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