The Most Interesting Marketing Dissertation Topics 2022

The latest years have been characterised by the explosion of applications to such universities as Bath, Leeds, or Lancaster, with students showing increased interest in marketing. It’s not surprising as it could be viewed as a profession of the past, present, and future: it is all-encompassing, and marketing techniques are at the centre of biggest money exchange in the world.

Dissertation is a climax of studies, but complications arise prior to any research because you have to decide what to write about. Marketing dissertation topics are diverse and you have to select one that stirs your interest at least a little bit. Personal involvement is crucial in such an assignment type. If you’re being in search of professional dissertation help, you can always find it with our writers; if you search for ideas for inspiration, look at the list below.

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List of the Top Marketing Dissertation Ideas for 2022

For best results, we’ve divided this complex subject into 11 topics.

Marketing Dissertation Topics

  1. Relationship between Clients and Representatives
  2. Intricacies of Marketing Communication to Attract Students’ Attention to a Specific University
  3. Building Friendly Relations with Influencers: Reasons, Methods, and Expected Results
  4. Campaigns Based on Sexual Exposure: Appeal & Target Audience
  5. Three Major Tactics for Making a Horror Movie Draw the Attention of Audience

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Marketing Management Dissertation Topics

The field of marketing is quite complex, yet choosing marketing dissertation topics, you must remember that the key is to deliver your information correctly. If something is not clear, always discuss it with your academic advisor or try using different wording. See these examples below to get creative:

  1. Why marketing on children’s television brings up controversies.
  2. Social media marketing versus physical marketing methods.
  3. Military academies marketing styles.
  4. Aggressive marketing: pros and cons.
  5. Should e-commerce marketing involve large budgets to succeed?

Branding Dissertation Topics

Branding represents logos, advertisement methods, graphic design, and many other aspects that help to create a brand. Hearing of Rolls Royce, we already turn to historical aspects, yet it is not only about quality but also about the ways how advertisement has been target towards wealthy individuals through the years.

  1. Political aspect of television branding.
  2. Branding style of Apple Inc and social bias.
  3. Why branding and outsourcing do not work together.
  4. scouting: an example of a successful branding system.
  5. Male vs female branding specialists: gender bias in the outcome.
  6. Principles of Creating Relatable Brand: Common Points with Consumers
  7. Superior Brand Positioning for New Hotel Business
  8. Brand Development: Individuals vs. Companies. Differences in Approach
  9. Best Colour Combination for Modern Branding Types
  10. UK Food Logos: Making Brands Distinguished

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Direct Marketing Topics

Direct marketing means situations when every client is targeted either individually or by using an individual approach. You can think about your milkman or delivery of newspapers by the children when they talk to you directly, thus making you a valued client. See some of these examples:

  1. Direct marketing in e-commerce vs word of mouth strategies.
  2. Does social media help in direct communication with customers: pros and cons.
  3. Volunteering and direct marketing campaigns.
  4. Newspaper delivery history: direct marketing.
  5. Understanding customer needs: basics of preliminary customer analysis through the lens of perception
  6. Direct Contact with Consumers: Do’s & Don’ts
  7. Direct Mail and Its Connection to Ecology
  8. Evaluating Success of Conducted Mail Campaign
  9. Top Five Promotion Objects to Use for Making Direct Campaign Successful
  10. Impulsive Shopping: Psychological & Social Aspects

Topics on Marketing across Cultures

Marketing across cultures may compare local culture and marketing styles with the rest of the world. For example, we all know that people have their unique vision of a good ad, which will differ from those visions that the American people may have. See dissertation marketing topics list for inspiration:

  1. An Indian influence in society in fashion marketing.
  2. perception of luxury vs the United States.
  3. Wrong perception of marketing peculiarities by the immigrants.
  4. Royal family and intentional style marketing abroad.
  5. Perception of marketing styles in the United States.
  6. Peculiarities of Launching Campaigns in the United Arab Emirates
  7. Differences & Similarities between Luxury Brands for Developed & Developing Countries
  8. Three Ways of Improving Bad International Production Outcomes
  9. Five Creative Techniques of Integrating Elements from Specific Culture into International Campaigns
  10. UK, Australia, New Zealand Differences in Trading

Consumer Behaviour

Why do some people buy certain products or ignore certain brands entirely? Why do people listen to certain advertisements and tend to learn about something new by listening to old-time celebrities? It is all covered by the consumer behaviour dissertation topics. See some of these examples:

  1. Is Apple Inc. approached the same way as in the United States?
  2. Social dividing in target marketing of consumer goods.
  3. Consumerism: a historical analysis.
  4. Conservative attitudes to brands in society.
  5. Winning loyalty of customers: case studies of foreign companies.
  6. Influence of Belonging to Certain Social Group on Buying Decisions
  7. Three Factors that Alienate Consumers from the Brand
  8. Reasons for Consumers Migrating to Other Brands
  9. Emotions-Motivated Buying Decisions: Their Ground & Perspectives of Their Usage
  10. Methods of Loyalty Cultivation Among the New-Age Customers

Marketing and Social Networks Topics

We all know that the majority of commercial deals are being made online with the help of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. While it is too early to say that social networks marketing is the future, it is still vital to approach various topics like the ones below:

  1. The role of influencers in SMM.
  2. Why social media must be supported by blog posts.
  3. The most common misconceptions regarding the immediate success of Facebook advertising.
  4. Transformation of customers into sales with the help of Instagram.
  5. The dark side of SMM: controversial issues and hacking occasions.
  6. Most Efficient Social Network from Perspective of Promotions
  7. Three Methods of Reaching the Maximal Amount of Customers via Facebook
  8. Instagram, Influencers, and Promotional Posts: An Improved System of Achieving Customers’ Recognition
  9. 5 Common Mistakes in Communication with Clients via Social Networks
  10. Advertising Launched via Social Media Platforms

Marketing Ethics Topics

Students often choose ethical aspects when dealing with marketing because people are historically aware of all the importance related to high morals and responsibility. Today’s marketing principles have shifted significantly, yet proper research can help improve the situation. See some marketing ethics dissertation topics below:

  1. Human Rights Violations during news advertisement marketing strategies.
  2. Biased coverage of social campaigns in the media.
  3. political shows: another way of marketing propaganda or analytical work?
  4. How honest is advertisement of foods and beverages?
  5. Should the advertisement of alcohol and tobacco be made illegal?
  6. People’s Rights Violation During Marketing Research, Their Kinds, & Alleviation Methods
  7. Problematic Cases: Thin Line between Lies, Obfuscation, and Vagueness
  8. Work and Mistakes Committed by Puffery During Campaigns
  9. Marketing vs Propaganda: Concept Differences & Similarities
  10. Health Dangers in Advertising Medical Products

Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

Digital marketing is not necessarily related to social media. Think about video game ads or various mobile alerts that you receive once you are done talking to your university friends or parents. Digital marketing dissertation ideas can deal with anything where computers or any electronic devices are involved.

  1. Digital marketing challenges during Covid-19.
  2. The use of AI tools in digital marketing: benefits and drawbacks.
  3. The benefits of customer targeting and data mining principles.
  4. Commercial side of digital marketing and related risks.
  5. Digital marketing in the bank sector.
  6. How Do Demands Change According To Generation?
  7. Pay-per-click Kinds of Marketing, Its Efficiency and Drawbacks
  8. Peculiarities of Search for what Keywords to Use for Online Ads
  9. Online Ads that Customers Find Annoying: Their Characteristics and Tactics for Addressing Them
  10. Promotions through Influencers, Email, Search Engine Optimisation

Advertising Dissertation Topics

It is one of the most challenging topics to explore because we all know enough about advertising, yet coming up with a good advertising dissertation topic is not always possible. If you are stuck with ideas, see some of these examples below to start with:

  1. Advertising and grammar school children: the lessons to learn.
  2. Should real people (non staged) be allowed to participate in advertising?
  3. Use of street advertisement: way.
  4. Structure of classic advertising: a historical analysis.
  5. Why advertisement is no longer efficient when using print ads?
  6. Seven Ways in Which Advertising Influences Children’s Minds
  7. History of Alcohol Ads & Harm They Caused During Years
  8. Celebrity Endorsement as Outdated Advertising Trend
  9. Is TV Still Good for Ads?
  10. When Advertising Becomes Annoying

Event Management Topics

Event management is not only about organisational and management aspects, which is why writing dissertation on event management, remember that managing an event always depends on type and target audience. For example, you can think about safety rules or financial aspects between children’s festival and a large political event.

  1. Planning an event for all male vs all-female groups.
  2. Event management and safety rules: pros and cons.
  3. Event planning industry during pandemic times.
  4. The limitations in the work of event managers during children’s events.
  5. music marketing during festivals and time management issues.
  6. Functions Performed by Event Managers
  7. Event Planners & Responsibilities They Must Entail
  8. Organising an Event: Five Core Factors that Must Be Considered
  9. Popular Trends in Events Industry
  10. Using Event Management to Boost Profits

Fashion Marketing Dissertation Topics

Fashion marketing belongs to those new marketing topics. Even though it has always been popular it has only recently received scientific attention. If you want to brainstorm fashion marketing dissertation topics, have a look at some of the ideas we came up with below:

  1. Gender bias in perception of marketing ads.
  2. Children’s fashion: how should we discuss it with the children?
  3. Celebrity involvement in fashion industry.
  4. Social media and related impact on distorted body image.
  5. What makes a fashion icon in modern society?
  6. Gender Differences that Affect the Structure of Fashion Marketing
  7. Fashion Icons and Their Contributions to Products Advertising
  8. Factors Affecting Decision Of Fashion Products Purchase
  9. How Fashion Uses Ads
  10. Body Positivity vs Fashion Advertising

Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics

The role of social media in marketing these days cannot be underestimated, which is why numerous students choose social media marketing topics for their dissertation. You can explore anything from influencers to online sales like in topics below:

  1. The role of storytelling in social media marketing.
  2. Influencers vs private approaches.
  3. Real-time marketing on social media.
  4. The use of guest posting in social media marketing.
  5. Goal setting strategies on social media.
  6. Live streams as the social media marketing future.
  7. Tourism marketing campaigns online.
  8. Augmented reality challenges: pros and cons.
  9. Use of social trends in marketing on Facebook.
  10. Memes and social media marketing: main benefits and limitations.

International Marketing Dissertation Topics

International marketing usually deals with perception of local marketing practices abroad or vice versa. Explore various topics that we have presented below and see what aspects may be narrowed down:

  1. The use of outsourcing in online marketing.
  2. Legal disputes and international marketing cheating.
  3. Why do people tend to avoid international marketing practices.
  4. Marketing and modern delivery methods.
  5. Skype and Zoom as international marketing tools during Covid-19 times.
  6. Healthcare concerns and accurate translation of international medical ads.
  7. International business ethics between and Australian ways of life.
  8. Consumerism in the field of tourism marketing in the United States.
  9. expert of goods to India: the cultural bias.
  10. International marketing in post-Brexit society.

Sports Marketing Dissertation Topics

Sports marketing is a popular topic not only among college athletes but also among students pursuing healthcare careers.

  1. The use of famous athletes for advertising.
  2. Should athletes show their political preferences as a part of a sports campaign.
  3. Inequality of access to sports accessories.
  4. Perception of Wimbledon marketing beyond.
  5. Advertisement of youth sports club in Wales and Northern Ireland.
  6. Should the boarding schools advertise their sports facilities?
  7. An ethical aspect of medication advertising by athletes?
  8. Nike vs Adidas brand analysis in society.
  9. Should politicians participate in sports competitions.
  10. Bias in media coverage of sports events.

Dissertation Topics On Marketing For MBA

As a rule, MBA students pursuing marketing dissertation topics will focus on anything from bizarre advertising schemes to consumerism and ethics. See mba marketing dissertation topics below to help your creativity flow:

  1. Influence of celebrities and consumerism.
  2. The negative aspect of customer satisfaction methods.
  3. Advertisement of Irish pubs abroad: controversial aspects.
  4. Factors affecting male vs female consumer preferences.
  5. Is radio advertising still efficient?
  6. Analysis of online consumer behaviours.
  7. Privacy vs target marketing online.
  8. Corporate ethics and brand advertising strategies.
  9. TV advertising: an outdated approach or the NLP approach?
  10. Relationship marketing: the safest methods of advertising to children.

Business Marketing Dissertation Topics

This field of marketing studies business relations through the lens of marketing and advertisement. See some examples of marketing topics for dissertation business subjects below:

  1. The most common misconceptions about marketing ethics.
  2. Advertising to a young person: the list of things to know.
  3. Expanding business marketing abroad: pros and cons.
  4. Small business marketing strategies that are purely.
  5. Analysis of business marketing analysis methods.

Retail Marketing Dissertation Topics

Retail marketing sector has undergone significant challenges during the post-Brexit period and then during pandemic restrictions. It is best to reflect in your dissertation writing as done below:

  1. Addressing the issue of food shortages in Wales.
  2. Retail prices in Manchester vs Blackpool.
  3. Retail marketing and relationship marketing during Covid-19 times.
  4. Supply-and-demand changes during post-Brexit period.
  5. Retail marketing and political bias in logistics.

Marketing Communications Dissertation Topics

The most important aspect of successful marketing is communication and being able to focus on correction of mistakes.

  1. The most common marketing communications mistakes made by non-UK businesses.
  2. How to communicate one’s brand and message without turning to aggressive marketing?
  3. Marketing communications specifics on social media.
  4. How do people perceive information: music marketing examples.
  5. Consumerism and communicational barrier: Corner Shop case study analysis.

Green Marketing Dissertation Topics

Green marketing is more than just a popular trend in society, which is why composing your dissertation on green marketing, you are bound to achieve success. See social, moral, and environmental aspects as you choose one of the popular topics below:

  1. Controversy about genetically-modified foods.
  2. Logistic service providers and green marketing methods.
  3. Socio-material analysis: green retailing.
  4. Environmental concerns and advertising.
  5. Freight transportation: analysis of services.

In addition to all those titles, you could also check economics dissertation topics. These two fields are often interrelated, and you could find something interesting there.

Have Chosen A Topic, What’s Next?

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  • What topics can be chosen for marketing dissertation purposes?

You can choose anything from social media marketing to consumer relations and MBA marketing topics. If you cannot find your field of science in the list of topics above, contact us with your marketing dissertation questions.

  • How to choose a marketing dissertation topic?

The safest way to choose your marketing dissertation topic is knowing your subject well and making additional research as you check similar works. Remember that your marketing research topic must inspire you. Think over your wording and connect it with your thesis statement. Most importantly, take care of your structure and include only that information, which has been approved by your academic advisor.