What is a Narrative Assignments, and How do I write one?

A narrative essay is considered to be the most favourite type of task which students are all used to since their school years. This kind of paper gives an opportunity to express oneself through words telling an interesting autobiographical or an invented story.

However, it is not as simple as it may seem to be since you still have to catch your readers’ attention and to maintain their interest till the end of the narration. In this respect, you should provide a good narrative essay structure which will make your essay exciting and readable.

Narrative Assignments

We are going to spill the beans and tell you how to write a personal narrative essay. We will focus on:

  • definition of the narrative essay
  • some useful tips
  • parts of a narrative essay
  • good topic ideas

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Defining the term

A narrative essay is a piece of writing which is composed in the first person and which shares personal standpoints and background. In comparison with other styles, narration allows authors to tell about themselves. The creator is free to express his/her feelings.

Usually, you are permitted to reveal all points of interest of a specific circumstance or occasion while telling your own story. Being asked to write a narration is advantageous since it’s aimed to sharing, not to researching or arguing.

Useful tips

  1. When you are assigned to write a narrative essay, you are given a kind of a prompt from your teacher/professor. Don’t neglect it and try to choose the theme of your work which fits the task.
  2. Set the limits. Don’t forget you are needed someone to write my essay for me, not a novel; consequently, you should make your story contained. Think of the storyline and protagonists and the data which can be overlooked before you start off.
  3. Write in the first (more common) or third person.
  4. Use vivid language, images, and go into details. These elements will make your piece of writing come alive and allow your readers to feel the atmosphere.
  5. When you finish, check your work and rectify all grammar and stylistic mistakes. Make certain your paper is good and illustrates the topic clearly.
  6. Try to hide something from readers and leave the place for guessing. This is the trait of the splendid narrative essay.


Narratives include the plot which in its turn consists of the setting, characters, the climax and the ending. You are supposed to consider all these parts since they will make your story complete.

No matter which part you are creating, you should remember to make all of them come alive. Write descriptions of settings telling not only about the visual side but also about smells, colours, and the atmosphere. Let the reader feel she/he is there with the characters.

Narrative Assignments

Characters are also paramount. You can utilize different techniques to make their images. Describe characters through their appearance, gestures, behaviour or even their environment. Make them real and various. Create both protagonists and antagonists; write good dialogues to make the story more vivid.

The climax is the most intensive point in the development of the plot. Think of the scene which might be a climax and compose it accurately to highlight it and signal the readers that the scene represents the highest point.

As for the ending, you can write it in different ways. The story may have an open-end leaving some place for guessing and thinking. If you prefer being more concrete, compose a precise ending giving the reader all information about the plot and characters.

Good topic ideas

We believe you have a large number of your own ideas as there are so many themes that interest you and you would like to talk about. However, if you are not good at choosing topics, we are glad to offer you some common topics of papers:

  • My best trip
  • My future plans
  • My family
  • The person I admire
  • My home city
  • The best job experience…

If you take a minute to think you can invent other topics by yourself. Makeup or select the best theme and compose an excellent narrative essay with the help of college essay writing service recommendation.