150 Nursing Dissertation Topics to be the Smartest

As one of the most complex research types, dissertation helps university professors see that a student can show sufficient ability to conduct independent research, synthesize information, and make an original contribution regarding both theoretical and practical constituents. In most cases, this task includes finding an argumentative topic that allows forming strong response to a problem.

The proposal stage is one of the hardest since it is not easy to come up with a unique topic that will be interesting not only for you but also for readers. It may take much time to do research and find a gripping issue. Our Writix experts completed s list of nursing dissertation topics that you may use for your dissertation or which can inspire you to come up with your own idea.


Choosing Dissertation Topic Right

Usually, professors let students choose dissertation topic from the list, but it may also happen that you’ll have to create a unique one. In order to do so, think of what area is more interesting for you, which perspectives it has and if you’ll manage to find enough literature to cover it. Surf the internet, read recent news, new scientific articles, and understand what issue is relevant and is worth exploring.

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Look through various nursing literature review topics, get an idea of what issues has already been covered, how these papers are formatted, in which way they highlight important information. An average dissertation length usually reaches up to 10,000 words, so most professors recommend starting with an outline which is a structured plan for your future paper. While completing it, you’’ understand if the chosen topic worth writing about and if there’s enough info.

Hot Nursing Dissertation Ideas by Subject

Clinical Management

Clinical management deals with the healthcare (NHS) programs that study systems, scientific methods, incentives, and various data with an aim to improve current medical practices. It focuses on engagement and collaboration processes in the field of nursing and healthcare. Good clinical management dissertation ideas to consider:

  1. The Blood Management
  2. Wound Healing Practices
  3. Specialist Rehabilitation Services
  4. Radiation Screening
  5. Domains of Subacute Care
  6. Reducing Wastage of Blood and Blood Products
  7. Domestic Violence Signs among clinical management patients
  8. Clinical Stress Reduction
  9. Conflict Resolution Styles
  10. Patient Confidentiality

Public Health

Public health stands for the protection and improvement of the health of individuals in specific communities. It can be both large cities and rural areas where the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and safe medical practices help to achieve safety and overall improvement in society.

  1. Alcohol-related Harms
  2. Food Safety Rules
  3. Teen Pregnancy
  4. Tobacco Consumption in Women
  5. Motor Vehicle Injuries
  6. Hospital-based Infections
  7. Rural Healing Practices
  8. Substance Consumption
  9. Drugstore Accessibility
  10. Digital Accident Reporting

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Community Nursing Dissertation Topics

The community nursing services are quite challenging for a dissertation, which is one of the reasons why so many students prefer using a nursing essay writing service, which helps to outline a clearer dissertation structure and find the required number of sources. Including grammar and structure checking, it helps to avoid the most common mistakes an average student makes. Good topics to consider include:

  1. Rehabilitation of Sexual Abuse Victims
  2. Healthcare Demands of Rural Population
  3. Healthcare Surveys in Digital Age
  4. Creative Care Modelling
  5. Immigrant Care
  6. Scottish Culture
  7. Innovative Practices
  8. Patient Records Discussion
  9. Charity Nursing Work
  10. Stress Management

Midwifery Dissertation Topics

It is related to prenatal practices and childbirth. As the field of nursing that deals with women’s health, it plays a critical role for society as one must strive for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and infant health.

  1. Risks of Planned Cesarean Birth
  2. Palliative Care Standards
  3. Childbirth Rehabilitation
  4. Immunization During Pregnancy
  5. Intrauterine Fetal Demise
  6. Maternal Illnesses
  7. Home Childbirth
  8. Prenatal Screening
  9. Genetic Disorders
  10. Maternal Anxiety

Health Organisations

Many students might consider writing about NHS, yet it is also possible to write about WHO and discuss things like Covid-19 and their take on vaccination. Since the majority of health organisations will not readily disclose any information, finding a good topic will be easier if you look through our suggestions:

  1. Inequality in Healthcare Delivery
  2. Racial Prejudice in Emergency Unit
  3. Rural Conflicts in Healthcare Innovations
  4. Child Rehabilitation in School Facilities
  5. School Screening Practices
  6. Voluntary Work Availability
  7. TV Healthcare Ads
  8. Digital Administration
  9. Distant-care Help
  10. UK Paramedics Training

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Evidence-based Practice

It is a special nursing practice that is based on theories and research-based information where the evidence is presented with the help of statistical data or surveys. It helps to provide a healthy mixture of personal clinical expertise along with case study analysis and literature studies on the subject.

  1. Oscillometric Practices
  2. Red Blood Cell Transfusion Benefits
  3. Impact of Environment for Intramuscular Injections
  4. X-Ray Immune Impact
  5. Substance Analysis
  6. Breast Cancer Reporting
  7. Heritage Immunology
  8. Kindergarten Infections
  9. Laboratory Work Risks
  10. ER Room Precautions

Environmental Health

Nursing professionals working in the field of environmental healthcare focus on the identification of various issues related to the environment that have either positive or negative effects on human health living in a particular area. Writing a dissertation on the environmental nursing issue, always identify potential challenges and study environmental background with statistics and the facts to make your research reliable.

  1. Weather Tracking and Informatics
  2. Food Safety Regulations
  3. Digital Control of Pests’ Distribution
  4. Community-Driven Intervention in Whales
  5. Water Quality Bias
  6. Environmental NGOs
  7. National Parks Status
  8. Nursing in Remote Areas
  9. Chemical Ground Control
  10. Repellents Use in Children

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Occupational Health and Safety

It researches workplace healthcare and the safety of people employed in factories and various services like transportation, architecture, nursing, education, and many other fields. It is one one the most popular subjects these days as it involves more than one discipline in addition to nursing.

  1. Construction Safety
  2. Drugs and Alcohol Testing Policies
  3. Motorcycle Safety
  4. Food Distribution Among NGOs
  5. Airplane Behavioral Patterns
  6. Coal Mining Respiratory Diseases
  7. Healthcare Insurance
  8. Automotive Spinal Risks
  9. Mental Side of Teaching
  10. Painkillers Management

Mental Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

Mental health explores issues that are related to non-physical aspects per se like ADHD, Autism, Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other mental health issues. As a nurse studying mental aspects, it is essential to provide background information and operate with statistical data to make the dissertation structure stand out with evidence.

  1. Eating Disorders Among Athletes
  2. PTSD Home Rehabilitation
  3. Depression in Schoolchildren
  4. Rehabilitation of Injured Army Veterans
  5. Schizophrenia Stages
  6. Child Abuse Victims
  7. Cyberbullying
  8. Bipolar Disorder Families
  9. Nursing Burnout
  10. HIV Social Stigma

Models and Theories in Nursing

This branch of nursing dissertation writing relates to the works of famous theorists, which is a good chance to keep your writing structured as you research well-known personalities. Start with the data collection first and remember to provide references for each fact or thesis argument that you mention.

  1. Patricia Benner’s Theory
  2. Change Model by Kurt Lewin
  3. Betty Neuman’s Heritage
  4. Mental Growth Elements in Living Nursing Model
  5. Dorothea Orem
  6. Madeleine Leininger
  7. Systematic Nursing
  8. Florence Nightingale Heritage
  9. Digital Care Model
  10. Virginia Henderson Morals
A proper exploration of nursing dissertation topics always takes time because it is a complex process that involves analysis, a study of available methodology samples, and a synthesis of the literature that deals with a particular subject. Remember that many nursing topics will include sensitive aspects, which is why respect and due care must be considered as the guiding force.

Child Nursing Dissertation Topics

Child nursing revolves around infants and children aged up to 14 years old, dealing with specific healthcare practices, patient management, and nursing care for young people. Since there are major differences, students starting with this type of dissertation writing must focus on case study analysis or implement generally accepted practices.

  1. Covid-19 vaccination dangers for the middle school children
  2. The negative impact of social media on eating disorders among youth
  3. Why the antibiotic resistance in preschool children constantly decreases during the last two decades?
  4. Improper nutrition and the frequency of seizures in infants
  5. The physical changes in neural patterns of autistic children

Paediatric Nursing Dissertation Topics

Paediatric nursing plays a major role in the current NHS system in Great Britain, which became especially evident during Covid-19 time. The topics for your dissertation may range from obesity issues and ADHD to wound care treatment and the psychological aspects of school violence.

  1. Pain management practices and cultural aspects of refugee children
  2. Childhood cancer: how can AI-based technology help prevent and detect it
  3. Effect of parents’ divorce on pre-school children
  4. The analysis of current obesity prevention programs in Wales
  5. Panic attacks among children as the negative effect of remote learning

Nursing Dissertation Topics Critical Care

Critical care or emergency nursing is often associated with ambulances and urgent cases where correct educated decisions must be made. It is a challenging field to work with your dissertation, which is why our selection of nursing critical care subjects and ideas will help you.

  1. Satisfaction among critical care nursing personnel: analysis of the patient care practices
  2. End-of-life decisions through the prism of global coronavirus pandemic situation
  3. Emergency care and equal access to the “helmet bundle” for invasive ventilation patients
  4. The factors that lead to burnout and anxiety in critical care nurses
  5. Alarm fatigue and the mental aspect of disease reporting
  6. Afghan refugees and language barriers for nurses in the critical care unit
  7. Cardiac arrest identification practices vs the United States
  8. Nursing workloads comparison between pre-Brexit and post-Brexit times
  9. The role of culture for the spiritual well-being of the critical care nurses
  10. The importance of critical thinking practices during the Covid-19 pandemic

Adult Nursing Dissertation Topics

Adult nursing stands for those problems and issues that are most common for adult patients where specific practices are implemented. Choosing it for your dissertation writing, remember to specify your age group as you work with dissertation methodology and research samples.

  1. The link of alcohol to acute coronary syndrome cases
  2. What role is played by the anxiety for respiratory disorders?
  3. Is bipolar disorder more common in Scotland and Wales than in because of the different detection practices?
  4. Migraine vs cluster headaches: major differences and similarities
  5. Diabetes and weight management programs
  6. Psychiatric care in adults during social distancing times
  7. The role of ethnicity in adult nursing care environment
  8. AI-based learning tools and speech disorder therapies
  9. Self-care and hypertensive diseases treatment
  10. Data collection methods in adult healthcare vs paediatric nursing

Nursing Dissertation Topics Dementia

Dementia is one of those conditions where nursing help is paramount for patients and their families. Choosing one of the topics below, stay respectful, and explore challenges and the treatment methods to avoid misconceptions and minor mistakes.

  1. The role of dehydration control for patients with dementia
  2. Client orientation: management of reality vs factual conversational assistance methods
  3. The role of positive feedback and nursing diary keeping
  4. The strategies to prevent false idea cultivation
  5. Creation of the care plan for dementia patients
  6. Cognitive stimulation therapy with the help of computer-aided tools
  7. The role of exercises and physical activity for dementia patients
  8. Animal therapy: why is this practice not yet common?
  9. Home care vs clinical care setting for dementia patients
  10. How do happiness and entertainment decrease the risks of dementia worsening?

Emergency Nursing Dissertation Topics

Emergency nursing is one of the most challenging topics to consider for your dissertation, yet if you are enrolled in one of the critical care university courses, it is an amazing opportunity to explore current emergency nursing practices.

  1. The best methods to reduce violent outbreaks in the ER
  2. Forensics in the paediatric fall victims
  3. An ethical aspect of psychiatric screening
  4. Mental disorders caused by Covid-19 restrictions: a case study
  5. The safest methods to overcome shock in wound care caused by paediatric traumas
  6. Talking to refugees to identify human trafficking cases
  7. Child abuse identification and privacy matters according to legislation
  8. The rights of women in the cases based on domestic violence reports
  9. Drug screening methods for adolescent patients vs the United States
  10. What has the Covid-19 situation change in the current preparation practices of the emergency care nursing personnel?

Looking through the list of dissertation topics in nursing, remember that it is not only important to find something that inspires you but to provide due credit for ideas that are not originally yours. Even though many university students believe that their Literature Review dissertation section is sufficient, it is also necessary to place relevant references for every picture, graph, statistical diagram, and quote. It will help you to keep things structured in a better way and avoid plagiarism risks.

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