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National Football In The 1920s Through The 1950s

National Football in the 1920s through the 1950’s While football was officially professionalized in 1892, professional football teams were born in 1920. A team of seven men came together and organized the first professional football league in Canton, Ohio. The meeting of these men soon lead to the creation of the American Professional Football Conference....
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The 1920s As A Decade Of Economic, Cultural, And Social Revolutions In Canada

The 1920s are often seen as a decade of economic, cultural, and social revolutions. How did these topics change Canadian ideas about immigration, race, labor, and social mores? In what ways did the increasing popularity of the automobile contribute to economic growth in Canada during the 1920’s? How did it impact the 1920’s? The development...
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The Decade Of The 1920s - The Decade Of Prosperity

Why might the decade of the 1920s be called “the decade of prosperity”? The decade of the 1920s is called the “decade of prosperity” because during this time, there was tons of economic growth. Yet, the wealth was ridiculously diverse and directed to wealth inequality. The wealth inequality eventually caused the Great Depression. No one...
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Social Condition of Germany: Otto Dix's 1920 Painting Prager Strasse

Through this essay, I will be exploring and expanding on Otto Dix’s 1920 painting Prager Strasse. Decrypting it and the horrifying imagery of the effects of war and its correlation to the war-torn society. Its response and how it adapted and evolved to the after-effects of the war and to the people mainly war disabled...
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