Essays on 1960s

Music In The 1960s

Hypothesis The 1960s saw a revelation in the freedom of Australian music, including R&B and alternative music, which was initially influenced by countries such as, America and Britain. Introduction to 1960’s Entertainment The 1960s was a duration of time that saw extraordinary changes in Australian culture due to the advancement of Pop culture. The aspect...
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Movie Industry In 1960s: Markopoulos And Cantrill

Gregory Markopoulos in NYC (1960-67) and Beyond When Gregory Markopoulos (1928-92) arrived in New York City in 1960, he had already established himself as a leading figure of American avant-garde cinema. In the late ‘40s, he had moved to California to study at USC Film School, and started his early trilogy Du Sang, de la...
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Torres Strait Islands 1900-1960

In 1595 a Spanish voyage set off to find their captains belief of a southern land that could be claimed by the great Spanish empire, but this voyage would not make it to this believed land as this journey was racked by a mutinies crew which lead to the accidentally discovery of the Torres strait...
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