Essays on 20 Years From Now

Reflections About The Past 20 And Future 20 Years

Turning the calendar over to a new year—and to 2020, a number that seems like it should only exist in a science fiction novel—feels rather significant. I feel like I’m hovering between my past and all the possibilities that the future offers. The present moment is for reflection and contemplation. The saying goes that hindsight...
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The Development Of Bionic Eye over The Last 20 Years?

Humans are ambitious and ultimately want technology to maximise efficiency and function optimally in the shortest time possible. However, when it comes to the eye, there are millions of cones and rod receptors which interact neutrally to create perception – one “of the biggest challenges for prosthetic vision” (Merabet, 2011). While the bionic eye has...
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Technology After 20 Years

Abstract: Through the span of the ensuing twenty years, we can anticipate that innovation should shape significant changes to the planet around America which can be hard to manage for a couple aside from others, the likelihood to level the getting a charge out of field between the most extravagant and least fortunate countries inside...
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