A Weak Friendship And A Real Friendship

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Friends should support each other at all times no matter the significance. They should respect each other’s opinions even if they do not agree and support each other through everything no matter good or bad. Friends must not only be supportive of one another but when needed be compassionate. Friends should not only just listen but also be understanding as well as being helpful with the problems you faced or advice needed. When a friend is in need, you will be there for them the second they need you to expect they will be there for you. Friends should help each other set goals they each want to accomplish. They can even help each other along the way to complete that goal. Any person you ask will say they crave to be loved and wanted by a person, this is what a friend does. Not only should a friend’s wants to be respected but they also want their needs to be fulfilled. A friend wants someone who will listen to them whenever needed any time in the day, love you unconditionally, and show you respect. A friend is equally loyal and trustworthy. Most importantly when talking to each other, everyone knows the conversation stays between just them, even if it’s personal. Neither person should feel the need to share any private information with someone else other than the friend who told them. That is just the same as invading someone else’s privacy when you go on someone’s phone without asking permission. You should feel comfortable sharing every little personal thing about you because you trust them.

As I got older I started to understand what a weak friendship and a real friendship was. If you are having a rough day and all you need is your friend to talk to and they’re not being sympathetic or aware of what you need, then this is unfortunately considered a weak friendship. In a friendship, both should know their friend’s goals, needs, and wants. If these things are unknown to one another, then there is a weak relationship between the two friends. No person should feel like they are a bother when they are in need of help with a problem they have. For example, in high school I used to think I was best friends with all the girls in my friend group because I will do anything for them when needed or asked. But during the duration of the end of my senior year through summer I always would invite them over to do things and make sure no one was left out. But during that time I always wondered why I was never invited to that hangout or sleepovers that they made with one another. I had to come to reality and realize that the people I thought were my best friends were just considered a weak friend, don’t get me wrong we are still all good friends and all hang out with the whole group but I wouldn’t consider them best friends as I used to think they were. 

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