Essays on Abigail Williams

Abigail Williams: The Power Of Identity

The citizens in Massachusetts’s town of Salem were suppressed, diligent and extremely obedient. This puritan society changed in 1692, when the entire town became hysterical over the possibility of witchcraft being present in their Christian town. Citizens became ruthless; condemning and perjuring the innocent and deceiving the court just to save their own name. Would...
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The Power In The Hands Of The Girl

Abigail Williams, a 17-year-old orphan raised by her uncle Parris, is known as the main an antagonist of “The Crucible”. Her decisive motives and action, which were fuelled by her affair and obsession with John Procter, and very clearly projected in the Salem with trails, which took in 1692. Marauding Native Americans killed Abigail’s parents...
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The True Scapegoat: Abigail Williams Not At Fault

Protagonist and antagonist, hero and villain, both characters that are easily spotted in a story. In fairytales heard as children, the villains always pay for their crimes, because they are the people at fault. Yet, when reading The Crucible, the villain of the story is a teenage girl named Abigail, and it feels as if...
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