Essays on Abortion

Reflection Whether Abortion Can Be Called Murder

Do you think it is okay to get abortions? Abortion is a medical procedure that ends a pregnancy. They are used if someone isn’t ready for a child yet or they can’t support the kid or they just don’t want children. I think abortions should be legal during the first trimester of a pregnancy because...
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Overview Of Abortion Laws Of Canada

Introduction Canada is considered to be one of the most advanced countries in the west. It has been observed that though the country is highly developed still it is not devoid of social issues. It can be observed that some issues are still a point of concern for all Canadians. One of the most discussed...
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The Attitude Of Catholic Church To Abortion

In the Catholic Church Abortion is a sin and is counted as murder. In the Bible, we read (Psalm 139:13-16) “For you formed my inward parts; you covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well....
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Decriminalisation Of Abortion In Australia

The recent decriminalisation of abortion in New South Wales (NSW) has received remarkable reactions. After more than 70 hours of debate, the NSW parliament overturned the prehistoric 119-year-old anti-abortion law (Australian Associated Press, 2019). Why has this archaic, degrading and cruel law taken so long to be addressed and why are many Australians against abortion?...
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Reasons And Risks Of Abortion

Would you like to have a child of a person who touched you without your consent? What would you do if you walk down the street and you get raped and the next month you walk into the doctor’s office and the doctor tells you that you’re pregnant? Should Abortion be legal just for women...
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Abortion: General Issues And Main Causes

Abortion: General Issues Abortion is saying an end to pregnancy. Sometimes this is called ‘termination of pregnancy. It can either be done by taking pills or surgical. Different countries have different laws for abortion, some calls it illegal while others call it legal. Canada and USA are one of those few countries that allow women...
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Abortion And Ethical Dilemmas

Abortion is defined as “an intervention by a licensed clinician that is intended to terminate an ongoing pregnancy” (CDC, 2019). There are several types of abortions where the aspects of the procedure can differ by age, duration of pregnancy, medical conditions of mother and fetus, and geographical influences. The current law in the United States...
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Legalization Of Abortion

Legalization of Abortion  1. Introduction Abortion is one of the ways to end a woman’s pregnancy and it can be done either through taking medicines (up to 10 weeks) or by undergoing a surgery. This aims to prevent childbirth to happen due to woman’s incapability to cope with the process that might have herself at...
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Understanding the Concept of Abortion: Historical Background of Abortion in Ghana

Introduction. Abortion, whether safe or unsafe, are undeniable public health problems in developing countries, including Ghana. This first chapter which is the underpinning of this study aims at presenting the general understanding of abortion in Koforidua and its environs. It will also attempt to give an overview of the concept of abortion from different perspectives...
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