Abortion: General Issues And Main Causes

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Abortion: General Issues

Abortion is saying an end to pregnancy. Sometimes this is called ‘termination of pregnancy. It can either be done by taking pills or surgical. Different countries have different laws for abortion, some calls it illegal while others call it legal. Canada and USA are one of those few countries that allow women to have abortion. Afghanistan, Iran, and many middle eastern countries says no to abortion. Individuals in a society also are divided into two categories; 1) those who agree with the abortion and those who disagree with abortion.

A surgical abortion is generally done in the first 12 weeks of a pregnancy. Except if there are uncommon problems, this procedure is usually taking place in a doctor’s office or at a clinic. “The doctor first opens the cervix and then empties the uterus with suction. After suctioning, the doctor may scrape the walls of the uterus to make sure the unborn child, placenta, and contents of the uterus have been completely removed.” (Texas Department of Health. 2003) Some possible side effects of abortion are Cramping of the uterus or pelvic pain, vomiting, diarrheal, Warmth or chills, Headache, Dizziness, Inability to get pregnant due to infection or complication of an operation, Allergic reaction to the medicines (heavy bleeding) possibly requiring treatment with an operation, a blood transfusion, or both and abortion very rarely may lead to death.

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There are still people in a society who deliberately become pregnant. Some of the teenagers want to have a baby. However, 80% of teen pregnancies are unintentional. Additionally, most of them occur to unwed teen mothers. This means that even though most teenagers do not want to become pregnant, but, they are still becoming pregnant as a result of sexual activity.

While it is very rare to be forced to have sex, many teenage girls particularly those under the age of 15 feel pressured to have sex by their boyfriend. And, indeed, the more sexual intercourse a teenager has, the more possible it is for the teen to be pregnant. (Teen Help. 2015) For example Niki Manaj, a 31 years old American rapper, was pregnant when she was teen. She obtained abortion, because she was too young to have a baby. Also, the baby would have interfered with her music carriers. Consequently, The three main reasons why women’s have abortion are being unable to take cake of the child, marital status, being too young to start a new stage of life, and not being ready financially.

Responsibility of child- A big problem? 

Women have abortion because they feel they are unready for child’s responsibilities, for the reasons that the child would interfere with a woman’s education, work, ability to take care of child independently and many other aspects that makes women to feel they are unready for child’s responsibilities. Although a lot of women are staying single to pursue their dream career because it is very hard for a single mother to take a child’s responsibility while she is pursuing her dream career. For example Isabella Dutton, a 57 years old woman regretting of giving birth to her two children. For the reason that after giving birth to two children she could not continue her education because the two children was interfering with her learning [Dutton 2013]. There are also, situations where a child interferes with a woman’s work. For example if you’re a single mother you will have to choose either get rid of your job to take care of your baby or get rid of your baby in order to help yourself financially.Due to these circumstances, most women choose to have abortion to get rid of the baby

Not Being Ready Biologically

Most abortions are done on women’s under the age of 25 ( Tores and Forest 2005). Based On the data that has been has been collected in 2008 shows that Eighteen percent of those women who were obtaining abortions were teenagers; those aged between 15 to 17 obtain 6% ,women between ages 18–19-year-olds obtain 11%, and teens younger than 15 obtain 0.4%.. Also, women’s who are aged 20-24 obtain 33% of all abortions. Lastly, females who are aged 25-29 obtain 24% of all abortion (Rachel K. Jones, Lawrence B. 2010). Being too young or fearing that parents and other family members would object to the pregnancy is a common reason for having an abortion. In 10 different countries, more than 10 percent of women gave this as their main reason.

“This reason was an especially common primary reason in Honduras and Mexico, where it was cited by about one-third of women. It also was a prominent contributing factor in Australia: ¼ of Australian women said that being ‘too young’ was a factor in their decision to have an abortion and 15% cited not wanting their parents or others to know about the pregnancy. In the Netherlands, 13% mentioned as a contributing reason for their decision that they were too young, and in the United States, at least 30% cited either being too young or fearing their parents ‘ objections as contributing reasons for their abortion.”(Forrest JD and Frost JJ. 1996)


One of the biggest reasons why women’s obtain abortion is because there economic status is below the poverty line. A survey has shown that Forty-two percent of women obtaining abortions have incomes below 100% of the federal poverty level. ( Jones RK, Finer LB and Singh S, 2010).

“Tracy Weitz, an abortion researcher, spoke with ProPublica about a study investigating the outcomes for women’s who are refused abortions. She found that the main reason women are terminating their pregnancies is because they can’t afford to have a child. Those women, are correct: the cost of raising a child until age 18 is an eye-watering $241,080, according to a Department of Agriculture. “(Lucy Westcott 2014). In addition to, most women are having an abortion because they think they can’t afford to have a child. Also, it turns out that they are correct. 2 Years ago a women who had a baby they weren’t expecting to have, compared to another women who had the abortion they wanted, are 3 times more likely to be living in poverty. They know that they can’t afford a baby so it turned out that they are right. (Tracy Weitz 2014)

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