Essays on Abuse

The Laws About Sexual Child Abuse

Children in society often encounter many inherent disadvantages as they are much less aware of their rights and thus require greater protection. Child protection refers to strategies and structures aimed at protecting children from abuse, exploitation, neglect and violence (Save the Children, 2010). The laws in Queensland relating to the protection of children to a...
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Defining The Problem Of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is the main issue affect all over the world. Many aged people are not aware of their disease which causes trouble in their health. Elder people became unhealthy which creates a situation of dependence on others that cause as a victim of abuse. Aged people have their own virtues and nobility. They should...
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The Issue Of Child Abuse And Ways To Stop It

Imagine a child who is scared of his own family. Imagine being a child with the fear of being beaten up every day of life. Imagine being a kid with no one to share your thoughts with when you are happy, sad or angry. This makes it very clear that the topic i am going...
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Substance Abuse: Statistics In The Us And Risk Factors

Introduction World Health Organization defines substance abuse as hazardous/illegal/harmful use of psychoactive substances. Psychoactive, also known as psychotropic substances refer to chemicals that change an individual’s mental state, by altering the way the nervous system and brain work. This often leads to intoxication, which is the main reason people abuse drugs. Psychoactive substances are usually...
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Domestic Violence: Unfriendly Impact on Children and Women Because of Abusive Behaviour at Home

Introduction. Jeevasuthan and Hatta’s[footnoteRef:1] study report an unfriendly impact on children and women because of abusive behaiouvur at home. Children, particularly, are the most defenseless focuses as it seriously impacts physical and mental development. Alongside prevented development, they likewise face a crowd of difficulties and dangers for their life. Significant casualties of abusive behavior at...

Domestic Abuse: The General Understanding Of Family Behaviors Affect Children

When examining domestic abuse all assortments of it prompted to one reason and that is to gain and accomplish control over the other individual. Abusers consistently utilize numerous strategies to to maintain power over there in either: dominance, humiliation, isolation, threats, intimidation, denial, and blame. Generally, when the subject of domestic violence is brought into...
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The Role Of Media Platforms In Creating Awareness On Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is termed as an unwanted sexual activity that is perpetrated without the consent of one party. In most case scenarios, the committers of this act use force or threats to molest their victims. It is established that sexual abuse is mostly committed by known individuals such as family members, friends or neighbors to...
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Role Of Radiographic Modalities In Detecting Child Abuse

Introduction: The radiographer will encounter many types of injuries one of them which is refers as (Non accidental trauma or sometimes called as child abuse. Many children especially children younger than the age of three will face this abuse. In addition, worldwide suffer from child abuse which can result from verbal, physical or sexual harm...
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Abuse Of Women In Third World Countries

The abuse of women in third world countries is a terrible and dreadful deed. What exactly is the abuse of women? Women abuse is not just domestic or physical; oppression, isolation, and discrimination are also forms of women abuse. According to the United Nations, 1.5 to 3 million girls and women die due to gender-based...
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