Essays on Academic Dishonesty

Academic Dishonesty As A Problem With University Students

Academic dishonesty or academic misconduct can be defined as any form of cheating that takes place in a formal academic exercise, this can include plagiarism, fabrication, deception, or sabotage. With today’s technology, having an incredibly vast amount of information readily available at the touch of a finger has proved to be both a boon and...
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Plagiarism As A Form Of Academic Dishonesty

Academic dishonesty is a very serious matter, that I feel most students do not take as seriously as they should. The most common form of academic dishonesty is known as plagiarism. Let us get into what that is exactly. Plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty that is unacceptable at any academic level, but especially...
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Academic Dishonesty: Internet Plagiarism

Academic dishonesty has been a significant challenge in higher institutions and has been viewed with different degrees of approval all the way through history. Internet plagiarism has contributed significantly to academic dishonesty. The research carried out revealed that 7 to 81% of teacher candidates occasionally, usually, seldom or frequently took part in internet plagiarism such...
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