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I have always nurtured a strong desire to make a positive difference, to serve the society, gravitating towards serving the ailing by being a medical practitioner. Since my early childhood, I inherently found myself intrigued by the intricacies of biological science and disease. This passion was further ignited during my schooling days, when the entire notion of practical teaching instilled a deep curiosity in me, drawing me towards the subjects of Science. This interest grew during the final year of my Biomedical science degree, where I found myself having an increasingly growing appreciation for the many challenges of such an interdisciplinary career.

In selecting Medicine Graduate entry, I drew inspiration from my fundamental interest in medicine as well as a desire to follow in the footsteps of Dr Victor McKusick, Dr Joseph Kirsner, and Dr Basil Hirschowitz, who are role models for ambitious youngsters like me. My degree provided me a thorough grounding in the sciences underlying medicine. In addition, my studies broadened my knowledge of the pathology and treatment of many psychiatric, autoimmune diseases and chronic inflammatory disorders. The self-directed learning approach has refined my soft skills in decision making, problem solving and analytical ability by teaching me to laterally integrate different bodies of knowledge.

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Psychiatry has always fascinated me, and in August 2019 I shadowed a psychiatrist at a mental ward at the Enfield and Haringey Trust, observing the consultation and treatment of persons with drug abuse and mental illnesses. Although a limited experience, it revealed the finely honed oral and aural communication skills required in this profession.

In addition to my academic interests, I have endeavoured to explore several extra-curricular activities to truly test my capabilities, all of which have further reinforced my aspiration to study medicine. These experiences encouraged my personal development and facilitated a profoundly informed insight into the level of empathy, compassion, enthusiasm and stamina required to be a good doctor. In August 2012, I volunteered weekly at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich, caring for the elderly and post-operative patients. My duties included helping with patient sanitation, washing, wound dressing, feeding and exercising, along with talking to and empathising with palliative and chronic care patients. Additionally, the hospital allowed me to shadow a doctor’s rounds weekly, providing a valuable perspective on her interactions with nurses, physiotherapists and pharmacists, as well as the gratification of working as part of a team in a caring and responsible role.

I have a strong affinity for sports, art, and language which are fully integrated into my life, requiring a continual refinement of my time-management skills. I have been cycling for 15 years, in addition to my stint in sales as a Sales Advisor for 5 years. Besides my above interests, I have also played socially meaningful roles and have led my youth group at my church for 6 years.

I know the sacrifices of a medical career, the continued academic commitment required, and how critical it is to be a well-rounded and motivated individual with exemplary interpersonal abilities. Increasingly, the challenge of applying logical and clinical reasoning in an environment that requires a genuine personal dedication attracts me greatly. The qualities I have developed from a voluntary and an academic aspect have greatly strengthened my commitment and affirmed my conviction to enter this profession. Having exceptional academics and experience, along with an undying passion for serving humanity and contributing to society, I believe I will add significant value to the programme’s cohort. I strongly believe by studying medicine I will not only help others, but also pursue a vocation to which I truly aspire.


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