Academic Interests: Studying For A Degree In Computer Science

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I’ve always been deeply interested in computing. I can always remember the feeling at a young age of wanting to know how my Xbox 360 was put together, how such a device worked so efficiently and how the games seemed so realistic. This interest never left me. From playing on my console to seeing the wonders on the internet, computers have left me fascinated with just how much power they hold.

I find it intriguing how fast the society has been shaped by the influence of Computer Science and the technology around us. Some years back if one were to say autonomous cars would come to existence, many would doubt but now the world is at the stage where nearly anything is possible with the application of computer science. The most recent software update by Telsa allows the car to drive by itself. Technological advancements happen around us daily, from the evolution of bulky antenna phones into smart phones to the introduction of smart virtual assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Google Now and Windows’ Cortana, all created by artificial intelligence. I am inspired that Computer Science has become a fundamental part in the development of a better, more efficient future for our world and my goal is be a part of the process. I really want to study Computer Science because I want to acquire the knowledge needed to be able to help in finding solutions to fixing world problems using technology. From this course I will attain the creative ideas and advanced skill in order to help evolve the human race. I also feel studying Computer Science will provide me so many opportunities later in life as computers are the next big thing in the world right now.

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My interest in computing has not been restricted to the classroom. Not a long while back I took signed up for a computing repairs centre for a few months. I used that time to understand how a computer functions and operates. I also used that time to study the hardware components internally. This time I spent gave me a whole new perspective on how computers work. From this I also understood that Computer Science is not just about programming and hardware but also about the ethics as well as innovative thinking.

Besides from computing, I have learnt it is important to have time to relax. I have a lot of favorable hobbies such as football, basketball and volleyball, etc. Football is the main one out of the bunch. Since I was small I either spend part of my day watching or playing the sport. It gives me so much joy and helps me to relax my mind. I’ve participated in various competitions before from primary school right through secondary. I make sure I can do as much as possible by developing a very good time strategy.

I am really looking forward to studying for a degree in computer science with great anticipation and make an impact on the world.


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