Essays on Academic Performance

Home Influence On Academic Performance

Education is that the process of instructions aimed toward the all-around development of the individual, facilitating realization of self-potential and latent talents of a private (Anderman, 1999). Education makes man a right thinker and an accurate administrator. It’s through education that knowledge and knowledge is received and spread throughout the planet. The environment is that...
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Positive Effects Of Athletics On Academic Performance

Participation in organized sports is not only beneficial to one’s health, but it can also develop many positive character traits that athletes can use in every aspect of their lives. Being part of an organized school team, practicing several times per week and representing the school competitively will also promote self-esteem, self-concept and social capital...
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Smartphone Use And Academic Performance

Abstract A conflict many professors in universities all over the world face today is students’ cell phone use in their classes. Whether it’s “checking the time”, responding to texts, or browsing social media, students everywhere are glued to their smartphones at all times of the day. The question that remains is, how does this excessive...
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Role of School Discipline on Academics Performance: Analytical Essay

1.1 Background of the Study Researchers value that discipline is a significant segment of human conduct and attest that without it an association can’t work well towards the accomplishment of its objectives (Ouma, Simatwa, and Serem, 2013). With regards to an educational system, ataught understudy is that understudy whose practices, activities and inactions adjust to...
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