Essays on Addiction

Drug Addiction In Requiem For a Dream

Trainspotting and Requiem for a Dream In particular, there are two movies about heroin use that are worth being discussed. These are Trainspotting and Requiem for a Dream. Despite the popular idea that these movies present heroin addiction in the worst possible light, they do, however, romanticize the idea of being a “junkie”. They successfully...
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The Effect Of Adults Smoking Or Vaping On School Children And Toddlers

Abstract Smoking is a leading contributor to disease and death worldwide (WHO, 2017). 13.5% of adults smoke worldwide which is 1 billion smokers. If this continues, 1 billion people worldwide will die this century due to cigarette smoking. The rationale of conducting this research is to aware smokers the health risk they are putting on...
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Smoking: The Rate And Causes Of Smoking In Indonesia

As Indonesia has one of the highest smoking rates in the world, cigarettes are an extremely popular product in Indonesia including among children. It’s not uncommon to see primary school children smoking cigarettes especially in rural areas (Wibawa, 2019). In Indonesia, children can buy a single cigarette from road-side kiosks freely. According to Astuti &...
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Study Is About Smoking Among Individuals In North End Halifax

This study is about smoking among individuals in North End Halifax. The writer made an assessment through observation of the surroundings and the citizens living on it. Reading materials such as history book from Public Library, and online journals were the main sources of this study. History was taken to inform the readers about the...
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Cocaine Production In Peru

The topic I have chosen for my National 4 added value unit is “Cocaine Production in Peru” and a newspaper article about two females that were caught trying to smuggle 1.5 Million Pounds of cocaine into Peru. I have chosen this topic because I wanted to learn more about Peru and the Drug Trade. Peru...
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D.A.R.E. Program: Should Drugs Be Legal In The United States

America today has many issues, from racism to xenophobia. One issue that involves both of these topics, however, is the conflicting feelings on drugs. They have not only been affecting African American communities but have also been made to weaken them in order to control them. The ban on drugs was made to enforce white...
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Smoking Amongst Youths In Fiji

The use of tobacco has been noted as one of the major causes of various disabilities and premature deaths worldwide. It is also the fourth most common risk factor for the increase of NCDs worldwide (Kumar, 2017). Over the past years, Fiji has noted the prevalence of smoking amongst the young adults. In this writing,...
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