Essays on Addiction

Smoking As The Worst Habit That Has No Benefits

Smoking is a process in which a substance is burned, and most commonly used substance is tobacco. After burning, it is tasted and inhaled, some people resort to smoking as a self-help practice, sometimes practiced in some religious rituals to enlighten Spiritual, and most prominent means of smoking common now cigarettes, whether industrial or hand-wrapping,...
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Smoking Impact On Youth Population

Smoking is related to a few markets failures. Such as negative externalities and defect data of the market participants. The wellbeing outcomes of smoking outcome in immense medicinal services cost incompletely paid from open funds. In expansion, the expense of restorative treatment for smokers inflates health care coverage premiums for everybody paying little heed to...
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Drug Addiction In Pakistan

Introduction The abuse of drugs is increasing in educational institutions across Pakistan. Students, whether be at schools, colleges or universities, are getting addicted to substances at an alarming rate. This is not only threatening their own future, but those of people around them, including friends and family. Background information Drug addiction has been intimidating the...
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Role Of A Nurse Gambling

Nurses play a significant role when it comes in promoting the health and wellbeing of individuals. There are different types of specialties in nursing, therefore, their role as health promoters is very complex and has a wide range of knowledge and skills that are valuable for preventing diseases (Kemppainen, 2012). This essay will define and...
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Views On Gambling

Introduction Since gambling is becoming even more a part of our modern world, either through the internet or through gambling institutions (casinos), it seems a fair task to try to determine if gambling is an ethical act. The view that gambling has obtained to our modern culture is a negative one. This Research will define...
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Smoking And Cancer

Smoking is a habit that has developed all around the world. The common reasons being stress, as a source of comfort and even for social reasons. It is a negative lifestyle that is generally known to cause serious harm to one’s health, more specifically its link to various types of cancers. The International Agency for...
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Drug Addiction: Sociological Theories

Introduction This essay attempts to explain how sociological theories presented by sociologists Karl Marx, Howard Becker, and Robert Merton can be used to study drug addiction. Marx’s section focusses on Conflict Theory’s explanation of drug addiction; Becker’s framework uses his theories of Drug Culture and the Labelling Theory of Deviance; while the section on Merton...
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Online Gambling: Issues, Concerns And Management

The influence of technology in the field of gambling is increasing at an alarming rate. We can see the effect of technology on each and every kind of gambling activities like virtual poker, online lotteries, racing forms and sports betting. A person with an access of an internet and an electronic device can easily start...
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Drug Addiction: An Acute Problem

Drug addictions/abuse Between 1999 and 2019, the number of deaths due to drugs quadrupled. In the passage drug abuse states “drug abuse has been around for many generations and is an ever-increasing problem of the modern world”.(drug Abuse) people who consistently use drugs find that many areas of their life begin declining. As a result,...
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Reflection About Addictions In Life

Everyone has things that they can’t live without. Everyone has something that they obsess over. You might even call it an addiction. You’re probably thinking, “I’m not addicted to anything bad, so I must not be an addict.” Well, you’re wrong! There are different types of addictions; there are bad ones, which you have probably...
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