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Analysis Of Adult Learning Theories

When we talk about education and training, our first thought is to focus on children. In fact, we often think about childhood being solely focused on training and teaching. But is this the real point of learning? Giving notions to the younger generation? Is this enough for a life time of education and training? In...
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Personal Statement Adult Nursing

Growing up, I have always had a natural compulsion to care for people in need of help. I had looked after my young ones, volunteered with my church to reach out to the orphans, homeless and the elderly in my community. My motivation to become an adult nurse, ignited when my mother was diagnosed with...
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The Realities Of Becoming An Adult

In the short story, “Araby,” the author, James Joyce, illustrates a boy’s quest to fall in love with his best friend’s sister, but is unaware that his illusion is all a dream. At the end of his childhood journey, the disillusionment that the boy faces changes his perspective on adulthood. He is a teenage boy...
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Anxiety among Young Adults: Critical Analysis

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about anxiety among young adults. Central Idea: Anxiety is a mental disorder that affects thousands of people but the most popular age group is before twenty one. Introduction Have you ever experienced anxiety? Imagine feeling anxious almost everyday, not being able to breathe, thinking you’re dying and other thoughts....
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