Advertisement Does Not Promote Negative Stereotypes

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Advertising is huge investment on resources to promote certain product or idea, to gain customers attention and generates means. However, many people consider it as a source of promoting negative stereotypes. I am on a contradictory stand on this idea. Advertisement promotes choices , aspirations and opportunities, and shape thoughts of people. Have you ever wondered why brands spend so much to be heard and seen through tv commercials and newspapers?. What makes you trust a particular brand while shopping ?. This is the power of advertising. Advertising are messages paid for by the brands and also influence your decision through a product .so we have grown clearly with advertising in our head. Advertising in fun . It’s about tear shearing story of mother and how she relates to her daughter .

For example, social awareness campaigns like cigarettes, smoking or alcohol consumption, takes example from the real world to demonstrate how the ill effects of such a menace can decimate lives.

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It cannot be called a “stereotypes”rather than it is a positive awareness campaign spreading information with facts and figures.

The concept of “ stereotypes” in general attacks the spirit of diversity and multiculturalism. The means of generalization whole community or society preposterous. Advertisement can be source of unity and positive messaging.

For example, the government advertisements showing Australia as a land of opportunities where people from different backgrounds can prosper equally is great illustration of unity in diversity. It is within the hands of makers how to utilise the idea and generate positivity, rather than focusing on cheap money-making controversial tactics. It is not doubt certain concepts in advertisements or few makers in the field are accused of such mischief and found in propagating gender stereotypes or cultural stereotypes. But it is not fair to port the concept of advertisement under the scanner for few wrong people in the field.

Advertisement in a way is also reason for weakening the regional gaps and helps in the notion of world becoming global village. The sporting advertisement or brand advertisement has the potential to attend viewership of masses. Moreover, the negative stereotypes are the contributions of bed directions as well, when content in the storytelling lacks credibility, then makers shifts their position towards controversy.

The advertisement should be symbol of free speech, unbiasedness, and like a neutral media outfit which positions itself displaying ideas boldly without the fear of being questioned on ethics or morality. This is the space to look out , the thin line between being biased or judgemental should be checked closely . Consumers, first and foremost, are individual. The more you see and treat customers as individual, the more loyal they will be to your business (lahle Wolfe).

The non stereotypical gender role (NSRG) representation has been increasing gradually over time in advertising , where male celebrities endorse traditionally or stereotypically female-oriented products and vice versa.

The free advertisement promotes the spirit of independence and positivity.


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