Essays on African American History

African American And Film Industry

The film industry in the world has come a long way. Since the first motion pictures were made and “The Last Machine” created, the world of film making has continued growing. In this growth, different parties have played critical roles, and one of the most neglected ones is that played by the Black Americans. The...
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The History Of African American Music

 African American music has changed throughout American history, and which caused a deep meaning for the different types of music. African American music has made a huge impact in America. African American music started with spirituals and work songs, slaves brought spirituals and work songs to America. Music was important to slaves because they use...

African-American History: Types Of Danger

It was very complicated for black people to survive alive between 1929-1939. They haven’t got a job or they had a very badly paid job. It was difficult to find a job for them because of the everyday violence and racism. They were starving and often became homeless. They had nothing so they were forced...
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The Concept of Peace: An African Perspective

Introduction According to Johan Galtung, peace seems to be an umbrella concept, a general expression of human desires, of that which is good, that which is ultimately to be pursued . He for instance stated that there are two typologies of Peace-Positive and negative peace. For him, the negative peace is the absence of violence,...
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