Air Pollution: Essence, Causes and Effects

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Air pollution is a mixture of solid particles and gases in the air. It is poisonous and inhaling them can increase health problems. People with heart or lung disease, older adults and children can be at greater risk from air pollution. Air contamination can additionally be ordered into two areas visible Air contamination and imperceptible air contamination. Another method for taking a gander at Air contamination could be any substance that holds the possibility to upset the environment or the prosperity of the living creatures making due in it. The sustainment of everything living is because of a blend of gases that on the whole frame the environment; the awkwardness brought about by the expansion or decline of the level of these gases can be hurtful for survival. According to Conserve Energy Future (2019) the main cause of Air pollution is: (1) Burning of Fossil Fuels, (2) Agricultural activities, (3) Exhaust from factories and industries, (4)Smoke from cigarettes, and (5) Indoor air pollution and Outdoor air pollution. It is a major issue and still is up until today, but there is a solution to this problem, therefore let us get into details.


Air pollution is one issue that refers to the contamination of the air, regardless of indoors or outside. It occurs when gases, dust, smoke enters into the atmosphere and makes it difficult for plants, animals, and humans to survive as the air becomes dirty. It releases air pollutants into the air that are detrimental to human health and the planet as a whole (Mackenzie, 2016). It has been quoted as well that “Most air pollution comes from energy use and production”, says John Walke who is the director of the Clean Air Project, and is part of the Climate and Clean Air Program at NRDC. As the problem began to rise the Clean Air Act authorizes the U.S. EPA to protect public health by regulating the emissions of these harmful air pollutants. Because not only it is a major problem for the environment but to living things as well.

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The causes of Air pollution is that one, when burning fossil fuels sulfur dioxide produced from the ignition of non-renewable energy sources like coal, oil and other industrial facility combustibles is one of the real reason for air contamination. Contamination discharging from vehicles including trucks, jeeps, autos, trains, planes cause a monstrous measure of contamination. We depend on them to satisfy our needs day by day just for transportation. Be that as it may, these conditions are perilous gases that is contaminating the earth. Carbon Monoxide brought about by ill-advised or inadequate burning and large discharged from vehicles is another real poison alongside Nitrogen Oxides, that is delivered from both normal and man made procedures (Conserve Energy Future, 2019). Another one would be agricultural activities whereas Alkali (Ammonia) is an exceptionally regular result from farming-related exercises and is a standout amongst the riskiest gases in the environment. Utilization of bug sprays, pesticides and manures in horticultural exercises has developed a considerable amount. They radiate destructive synthetic concoctions into the air and can likewise cause water contamination (Conserve Energy Future, 2019). It also includes smoke from cigarettes, it gives off smoke that is harmful for our lungs and this makes it hard for us to breathe which is an example of air pollution.

There are more than 400,00 chemicals that is in tobacco which is known to cause cancer. This is one of the reason that makes it difficult for us to inhale for it is poisonous and dangerous and has a lot of effects on us. Lastly, Indoor air pollution: Family unit cleaning items, painting supplies produce lethal synthetic compounds are noticeable all around which causes air contamination. Have you at any point seen that once you paint dividers of your home, it makes a type of smell which makes it actually unimaginable for you to relax. The effects of air pollution is that they are known to make a few respiratory and heart conditions alongside cancer, among different dangers to the body. A few millions are known to have kicked the bucket because of immediate or roundabout impacts of Air contamination. Youngsters in zones presented to air contaminants are said to generally experience the ill effects of pneumonia and asthma (Environment Affects, 2019).

Another immediate impact is the prompt adjustments that the world is seeing because of Global warming. With expanded temperatures around the world, increment in ocean levels and dissolving of ice from colder areas and icy masses, uprooting and loss of environment have just flagged a looming calamity if activities for conservation and standardization aren’t embraced soon (Environment Affects, 2019). It is really harmful to humans which can lead to a decrease of the population amongst living organisms. It can also produce Acid rain which is harmful gases that is released into the atmosphere during the burning of fossil fuels. As it rains, it combines with these air pollutants that when it falls can be a great damage to human, animals and crops. The two most pervasive sorts of air contamination. Exhaust cloud, or ‘ground-level ozone,’ as it is more wonkily called, happens when discharges from combusting petroleum products respond with daylight. Sediment, or ‘particulate issue,’ is comprised of minor particles of synthetic substances, soil, smoke, residue, or allergens, as gas or solids, that are conveyed noticeable all around. The EPA’s states, ‘In numerous parts of the United States, contamination has decreased the separation and clearness of what we see by 70 percent.’

The wellsprings of exhaust cloud and ash are comparable. ‘Both originate from autos and trucks, production lines, control plants, incinerators, motors whatever combusts non-renewable energy sources, for example, coal, gas, or gaseous petrol,” says Walke. The littlest airborne particles in ash regardless of whether they’re as gas or solids are particularly perilous in light of the fact that they can infiltrate the lungs and circulatory system and decline bronchitis, lead to heart assaults, and even rush passing (Mackenzie, 2016). Smog can irritate the eyes and throat and also damage the lungs especially of people who work or exercise outside, children, and senior citizens. It is even worse for people who have asthma or allergies these extra pollutants only intensify their symptoms and can trigger asthma attacks.

However, there are ways where you can prevent this problem from happening is that we need to urge individuals to utilize an ever-increasing number of open methods of transportation to decrease contamination. Additionally, endeavor to make utilization of vehicle pooling. In the event that you and your associates originate from a similar territory and have same timings you can investigate this choice to spare vitality and cash. We have to understand the concept of reduce, reuse, and recycle: like to reuse items for some other purpose for example jars to store cereals. By reducing it Walke quoted that, “ The less gasoline we burn, the better we’re doing to reduce air pollution and harmful effects of climate change”. We need to be aware about transportation when you can walk, ride a bicycle, or take open transportation. For driving, pick vehicles that show signs of improvement miles per gallon of gas or pick an electric vehicle. “You can likewise research your capacity supplier alternatives you might have the capacity to ask for that your power be provided by wind or sun oriented. Purchasing your sustenance locally eliminates the non-renewable energy sources consumed in trucking or flying nourishment in from the nation over” ( Mackenzie, 2016). If we do not stand up to this problem it will hunt us down all the days of our lives and it will be a downfall or the end of the human era.

Position on the Issue

I, as an Environmental student oppose that this issue should be taken care of, even though we talk about change but nothing seemed to be happening. Physician around the world are aware of air contamination. It impacts the personal satisfaction for a huge number of individuals around the world, causing both, a vast weight of illness just as financial misfortunes and expanded human services costs. As indicated by WHO gauges, in 2012, urban open air contamination was in charge of 3.7 million yearly passings, speaking to 6.7% of the all out passings (WHO, 2014). This are evidence on how long they have been trying to prevent air pollution from increasing. In some corners of the world some people have stepped up to it but there are some other areas that have not notice about this issue, they still are lost but not know that what they are doing is harming them and the people including living organisms around the world.

I will propose a statement and I firmly suggest that we the people need to step up and lend a hand. I have seen people working trying to improve on this issue but some people who are uneducated due to the lack of resources are not yet to be informed of this issue. So what we can do is to keep in touch with the U.S. EPA and they will inform some of their branches according to the problem or issue that we have discuss. As a witness of this issue, I have seen kids in our island establishing clubs that is helping to prevent this matter, such as the Finafinau team, PISCES and our own EPA. It has been said by famous people as well that,“The health effects of air pollution imperil human lives. This fact is well documented” (Johnson, 2019). If we start now we will be able to stand up to this issue and we will not only become successful but we will prosper in days to come.

Discussion on Position

Some air pollutants are poisonous, inhaling them can increase the chances of you to have health problems (EPA, 2018). This is why air pollution is one of the major issue we should be aware of right now. It times like this that I thought of having a voice in this matter. I have notice this ever since I was in elementary I thought that the issue was fixed but as days pass by. Now that I am a senior reading articles that says that, “Over the past 30 years, researchers have unearthed a wide array of health effects which are believed to be associated with air pollution exposure” (NIEHS,2013). This is really sad and it something that we need to put a stop to. Burning of fuel will increase carbon dioxide emission that will cause global warming. With only one issue, it leads to the end of the world. Because with this it going to be tough to farm, humans to breathe, and for some living organisms to enjoy life freely. If we put a stop to this we will no longer be worried about all those effects that will happen to us. However, the world will prosper and so will the people. All those effects can be handled, like for example indoor air contamination can be diminished by ensuring that a building is all around ventilated and cleaned routinely to keep the development of specialists like residue and form. Inhabitants would likewise be savvy to expel any known poisons or potentially aggravations at whatever point conceivable. I have mentioned quite a few solution at the top but this is one of them too. It goes to other effects as well, like outdoor air pollution, “Open air contamination exposures can be diminished by checking one’s Air Quality Index (AQI), and keeping away from overwhelming traffic when conceivable, and staying away from used tobacco smoke (NIEHS, 2013). People around the world need to be more careful on how they do things, like smoking tobacco for it has a lot of chemicals, which is bad for the health. Especially traffic which gives off gases that will also harm other living organism. The more we burn fuel, and other sort of stuff including plastics, the more the ozone layer will be damage. It takes years for it to recover and mind you there are like thousands of factories around the world and it gives off this gases, you see the ozone layer cannot fight it off.

This leads to the cause of global warming, and it is really bad for every living organism. Although the issue can be mentioned in meetings and other sort of stuff, but when are we actually going to put a stop to it? With the air being polluted the plants won’t be able to grow normally, the people will have a hard time breathing and might give them heart attacks and other effects that is worse, also other organisms including the animals will die or end up going extinct. Like I have said before and it now being repeated if somehow air pollution is not cleared to you, “Contamination is presently a typical place term, that our ears are sensitive to. We catch wind of the different types of contamination and read about it through the broad communications. Air contamination is one such frame that alludes to the defilement of the air, independent of inside or outside. A physical, natural or concoction modification to the air in the climate can be named as contamination. It happens when any harmful gases, dust, smoke goes into the environment and makes it troublesome for plants, creatures and people to make due as the air ends up filthy” (Conserve Energy Future, 2019). Everything is already been explained but if you really look at it, what I have talked about earlier link towards this phrase. Air pollution is a serious problem for the world, because if it increases then it will be the end of the world. It will will cause global warming, for example places that haven’t snowed will become hotter and this will stay permanent due to how the temperature is changing, this will be hard too, because if you are outside on a sunny day the radiation will harm you and it might kill you. This may lead to a lot of deaths, that is if it is not fixed. Some people say that it cannot be fixed, they have threatened people that they will be fined if found burning plastics and trash, but nothing is happening. People know about it but they are doing it thinking that it not harming them right now, but in years to come we will witnessed a change in the environment and by then everything that have been predicted is actually happening. “So lend a hand and be a part of the solution but not part of the pollution” (The French Quotes, 2019).


I have been questioned myriad of times but it didn’t stop me from searching for more information. There was one time that I thought of fighting for the issue but while reading about it, quite a few have done it, they have talked about it but nothing really happened. It is a waste of time but what I had in mind that time, was that I believe if those people couldn’t win it, I believe that I will, because God’s time is the best time. I would say that the time is now, if they can’t do it why can’t I? Why not me? Air pollution is a big problem but if I state my point and actually go at it with force and power as the arguer, I believe that whatever they have refused to do they will change their mind. Some may say that it was luck, but to me I’m not lucky or anything I am just

BLESSED. If the issue hasn’t been fixed back in the days, I have no doubt that they will be bothered by it, it just that they aren’t worried about it. I have witnessed that this has been a major problem in the world and where I come from as well. We have a factory and you can see black smoke coming out of it, just a quick look at it, with that amount of gas 24/7 we are actually the ones who are causing these problems. We are doing it with no thought of the environment and our health. We say that it not a big of a deal, but when it happens will it not be a big of a deal? This have crowded my mind but no matter how hard I try to think of it but hopefully in days to come, we will be able to find a permanent solution for this problem.

All of these effects which causes air pollution is harmful for all the living organisms and the environment. Which is why I am stating a statement that supports the facts listed above. For some reason we tend to think that what we are doing is helping the environment to be fruitful and prosperous. But not knowing that we are not even close to prevent any of that, we should limit things that gives of these gases that is harmful. Such as using vehicles, we can actually travel on boat or walk which are great ideas on how to prevent air pollution. Another one would be burning of trash, we should recycle all the plastics and whatever that is leftover we can use that for farming. For example, grass that is already being mowed, we can use that as a fertilizer which helps out with the environment; that is the soil. This helps it produce rich soil that is good for farming. Eliminate burning of fossil fuels, and the factories that gives off harmful gases we should look for another way to do things. To conclude every details that is listed throughout my paper, with the help of you and you we will be able to have a healthy environment where we will all enjoy life freely without being bothered by any pestilence. #StayBlessed


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