Air Pollution: The Skills And Interests We Need To Cope With It

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Air pollution is the contamination of air by smoke and harmful gases, mainly oxides of carbon, sulfur, and nitrogen ( If air pollution is high, it can harm people, animals and plants, or stop them from growing properly. There is air pollution occurring naturally like forest fires and volcanic eruptions, but a lot of it is our (people’s) fault. It is caused by everything that is burning using household or industrial chemicals. Today, most of the pollution is caused by traffic, power plants and factories.

According to Developpement durable, Environnement et Lutte contre les changements climatiques, which is a provincial government organization, today the air pollution level is acceptable which is 24. Everything below 25 is “good”. When I look at the pollution in all the regions of the province, most of them are 25 or less too. Many areas where there are not people living don’t have the air pollution measured. I live in a half a million city, so air pollution is caused by traffic and industries. My community is in a “good” standing and most of my country too. Bigger cities like Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver have more issues, however, today’s reports are looking good. Canada is a very large country and there are not too many people. That is why pollution issues are mainly in urbanized areas and even there they are not as serious as in China or India.

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I was thinking about the skills and interests that I can use to help improve air quality and I prefer to write about behavior. Last December, I bought a small engine car and I have chosen it not just for the fuel economy, but I also was thinking about the environment. We have very long and cold winters and when I bought the car I requested the installation of a distance starter. During three months (January to March) we can have days with -25 degrees Celsius almost every day. When you have young kids (3 and 6 years) you really need it. I usually start the engine 15 minutes before going out. It kind of is a necessity, but I think when my boys will be older, I am going to use it less. There are some people who never turn off their engines in winter and they are driving pick-up track. My former neighbour went to do grocery shopping for almost one hour, and his truck was on all this time. This is wrong behaviour and seriously I believe that the police or the environmental law enforcement should give tickets for that. Another thing is using aerosols in my household. I remember 15-20 years ago, I was using a lot of aerosol hairspray and deodorant. Today it have changed a lot and I don’t remember using those for many years. It surely is not much, but if all the people will be that conscious about their habitudes, our air will be not contaminated as much as it is. If I will have had the possibility and resources to help my community with improving air quality, I will request all the households using fireplaces and wood heaters to have filters installed on their chimneys. As I was talking at the forum, in Canada most of the people are owing a house and they heat with wood. When I came to this country from Europe 11 years ago, I couldn’t believe that they just don’t care about it. I think that people in Canada think that this country is so large that the wind will blow it away and people don’t have to breathe it. It is kind of true, but in my opinion, it should be changed, because what kind of example are we giving to our children. They are going to move away to other places and not going to be couscous about the importance of the households releasing clean smoke to the air.


Without the air, we are not able to live and that is why we should take care of it. I think that this subject needs the special attention of environmental organisations and the governments. We also should think more “globally” instead of “regionally” like it is in my example about Canada, because our home is the entire Planet and not just the country or region we live in.


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