Air Pollution: Weak Of Standards And The Lake Of Awareness In Australia

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Today air pollution is very high, it harms people, animals and plants, or stop them growing properly. There is air pollution occurring naturally like forest fires and volcanic eruptions, but a lot of it is our fault. It is caused by everything that is burning using household or industrial chemicals. Today, most of the pollution is caused by traffic, power plants and factories.

According to the Office of Environment and Heritage which operating by the New South Wales Government. Its mission is to promote air pollution awareness for citizens. After contact (OEH), today the air pollution level is acceptable which is 20. Also, according to the World Air Quality Index project, it is 20 too. When I look at the pollution in all the regions of the province, most of them are 100 or 106 and in few areas are less than 25. Also, lots of areas where there are not people living don’t have the air pollution measured. The highest levels in the Australian cities, because of traffic and industries. My community is in good standing. Bigger cities like Sydney and Melbourne have more issues, however, most of Australia is looking good. Australia is a very large country and there are not too many people. That is why pollution issues are mainly in urbanized areas and even there they are not as serious as in China or India.

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1MzIwtDQwNTIyMNN3DLXyKy7Xz0_MTknMSdUvrkzJS61UKM4vLcnQLU8tLtFPzQMA.png According to the World Air Quality Index project

I was thinking about the skills and interests that I can use to help improve air quality and I prefer to write about behaviour. Last year, I bought a small engine car and I have chosen it not just for the fuel economy, but I also was thinking about the environment. Also, I reduce the number of trips I take in my car by taking the train to and from work. I try to avoid using gas-powered lawn and garden equipment. I try not to leave my car running when I wait for someone.

What I can see in Australia is weak standards and a lack of awareness about air pollution.

I wish in Australia to have fuel efficiency and vehicle emission policies that can improve the air quality. Also, upgrade refineries to supply low-sulfur fuel. I wish to help and support Australian public transport that operates with Clean fuels. I wish to raise public awareness of the quality of our air in Australia.


People can survive weeks without food, days without water, but they can not survive minutes without air. Without the air, we are not able to live and that is why we should take care of air quality. I think that this subject needs the special attention of environmental organisations and the governments. People also should think more “globally” instead of regionally.


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