Essays on Alaska

The Need for State Funding for Alaska Public Media

Introduction Alaska Public Media connects our state through vital and effective communication. They are made up of KSKA radio, KAKM-TV, Create TV, PBS Kids, and They run the statewide news tailored to Alaskan needs and jointly operate television channels with KTOO in Juneau and KYUK in Bethel. They operate stations all over the state...
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Alaska Airlines: Case Study

Introduction: Alaska airlines was started in the year 1932 as McGee airways. It is aligned with star air service in 1934 and later evolved as a biggest air service provider in Alaska which gradually became Alaska airlines. It progressed from a zonal airline to international carries. It carries around 44 million people across 118 destinations....

General Overview Of Alaska: History And Resources

Alaska has amazing beauty and resources. Alaska was previously owned by Russia in the 1870s.(purchase 1)Although some may not agree, Alaska has a lot of history and resources. Alaska has a lot of history and a lot of this history is very important. Alaska has cold rivers and tall mountains (Zimmerman). The tallest mountain in...
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