Essays on Albert Camus

Human Existentialism: The Plague By Albert Camus

Human existence is created from thoughts, experiences, and actions. The Plague, by Albert Camus, describes a plague outbreak in Oran, an Algerian city, that causes the community to be quarantined and find a solution. When a mild hysteria grips the population, the newspapers begin clamoring for action. The authorities finally arranged for the daily collection...
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Debates: Camus Versus Sartre

The sentiment of Europe post-WWII can most accurately be encompassed by the debates of Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus, French writers and intellectuals who defined the ideology of an era fraught with political instability, nuclear fear, and socioeconomic division. The horrors of WWII caused, for many, a distressing shaken belief in God. The rise of...
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Camus, Nietzsche And The Present

In this essay, I will talk about the relationship between Nietzsche’s philosophy, namely nihilism and the analysis of Albert Camus’ novel, abroad. Then I will make a brief analysis of the current situation with what has been said in the previous paragraph. To begin with, I will give a brief account of Albert Camus’ life...
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