Alcoholism and Its Relation to Stress: Analytical Essay

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My paper is about alcohol abuse or Alcoholism. Alcohol abuse is a chronic disease characterized by uncontrolled drinking. Alcohol abuse can be caused by stress, mental health problems, drinking at an early age, and having a family history of alcohol abuse. Some signs of alcoholism include becoming in trouble a lot more often, being unable to quit drinking, destroying your relationships, if your priorities change, and decline in health. Alcoholism can affect the body in the following ways: it can cause memory loss, cancer, strokes, high blood pressure, and trouble learning. There are many ways to get help if you are struggling; for example, you could go to a rehab center. You could also talk to family members and have them help you to quit. If you wanted to talk one on one with someone you could go to a behavioral therapist. According to the NIAAA to be an alcoholic you must have over 3 drinks a day for women, or 4 drinks a day for men.

Stress is your body’s reaction to any change that requires adjustment or response and your body reacts to these with physical, mental, or emotional responses. Stress in teens can be caused by stressors. A stressor is anything that causes stress. Some examples of stressors in a teens life include school demands, negative thoughts or feelings about themselves, puberty, problems with friends or family, unsafe living environments, and a separation of parents/divorce. One way to help with stress management is to use techniques such as talking to someone, trying to get more sleep, taking control of the situation, time management, avoiding drugs and alcohol, and keeping a diary. But along with bad stress there is also good stress known as Eustress. Eustress examples consist of an upcoming wedding, a birthday, Christmas, a pregnancy, sporting event, or a concert. Distress on the other hand Is bad for you. A couple of examples of distress could be if you lose a loved one, losing contact with a loved one, being abused, getting injured or someone else getting injured, or getting separated from a spouse or friend.

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  • Does everyone experience stress the same way? No because everyone is different and experiences different situations.
  • Is eustress good or bad? Eustress is good because it can be related to a wedding, or a vacation.
  • Is alcoholism related to stress? Yes but in some cases people can just get addicted to it without stress.
  • If you are, or if you know someone that is an alcoholic can they quit? The answer to that is yes, but they have to want to quit. There are many programs out there that help with quitting.
  • Do all people act the same when they have alcohol? Every person that drinks alcohol has a different reaction. Some people become very relaxed while others are mean.
  • What does long term alcoholism do to your body? It can cause many diseases including liver damage, cardiovascular disease, brain damage, and many other things.
  • How many drinks can you have before driving a car? If you are a teen you can’t have any because you are under the age of 21.
  • How does alcohol impair your judgement? Alcohol can do many things to your body and judgment including sociability, rowdiness, and contribute to very poor judgment.
  • Can stress lead to depression? Yes it can but not all stress does. Only if you have too much.
  • What are the most common reasons people start drinking? One of the most common reasons for a teen is peer pressure but anything that causes stress could make someone turn to alcohol.

I read an article on stress called Why stress happens and how to manage it, by Adam Felman. I found it to be very helpful if you were to be dealing with stress. If you or someone you know is struggling to understand what stress really is, I would recommend reading this article. I found almost everything in this article to be helpful but there are some things that don’t really help you. But most of the articles are good, for example they tell you lots of ways to get help and some exercises to do to relax.

For my next article on alcoholism I read What is alcohol abuse and what is the treatment? By Tim Newman. I found this to be very informative on what alcoholism is and how it is diagnosed. If someone was struggling with alcoholism or just wanted some information on it this is a great website to go to. I would recommend this to any teen that has experienced or is experiencing alcoholism through personal use or through a relative.

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