Aldous Huxley: Brave New World Symbolism

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Aldous Huxley’s 1931 novel called “Brave New World” really shows symbolism throughout the entire book. He did this in a way to express his support in a political stance and share his fears about how things could turn into the government taking over and controlling everything in the future. Huxley used a variety of things to show symbolism to whoever is reading the book. A few ways he did that is by the names that he gave the characters, the soma that the characters took whenever they didn’t want to feel such strong emotions, Shakespeare is another one that was referenced by John the savage in chapter 8 of “Brave New World”, and Henry Ford and the Model T was the main key to the whole entire book and major symbolism.

The characters used Soma which is a narcotic and they would intake it in a way to feel better or to get rid of extreme emotions that they’re feeling. Soma is used just like in our time period but the government or the ones in charge don’t use the drugs to keep us in check as they do in “Brave New World.” The government utilizes Soma to have control over the civilized world and is a symbol of power influenced science and technology on society. Also, to symbolize false happiness and make them think that everything is fine. So that when they take the drug they would forget about everything and things seem fine but they’re not.

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In chapter 8 John the savage references quotes from Shakespeare such as, “O brave new world,” he repeated. “O brave new world that has such people in it. Let’s start at once” (139). Jonh knows Shakespeare by heart and throughout the chapter when he gets “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare” and he quoted them quite often. When he was saying “O brave new world in chapter 8 he was referring to how the new world’s current state was at, but also Shakespeare is supposed to reference the way art and literature were destroyed by the new world to make sure that the civilized people are kept away from the past.

Henry Ford was the person who had invented the T model that everyone one knows about. The T-Model had been the first automobile to be created and was made in an assembly line. In “Brave New World” people started to worship Henry and the T-model since they didn’t actually have a god in their world. Ford became their god and after time passes people were being made in hatcheries. Meaning they used henry’s method of making the T-model by using the assembly line where they were able to create more and more people whenever they wanted to.

In conclusion, Aldous Huxley was a brilliant man that was able to scatter different Symboilmes into the book and pretty much every person, object, or saying was a part of it. Starting from the narcotic Soma that was used for the civilized people, to sayings from Shakespeare said from one of the characters, and Henry creating an automobile just for his method to be used as a way to create more people. This shows that Aldous put a lot of thinking into his writing for everything to connect back to our time and how things could be in the future for us if things were to change.


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