Essays on Algebra

Linear Algebra In Computing

The need to connect mathematics with the real world leads us to search for applications such as linear algebra to see the reality extracted from theoretical knowledge in day-to-day practices. Linear algebra is very well applied in the computer world, with its wide number of operations, for example, it is applied in search engine algorithms...
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Applications Of Linear Algebra In Genetics

Abstract: “I have chosen the topic “Genetics” to explore how linear algebra can be applied to this topic. More specifically, I will be focusing entirely on the phenomena of autosomal inheritance. My main goal is to show you all that how linear algebra can be used to predict the genotype distribution of a particular trait...
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Axioms And Laws Of Boolean Algebra

Boolean Algebra differs from both general mathematical algebra and binary number system. In Boolean Algebra, A+A =A and A.A = A, because the variable A has only logical value. It doesn’t have any numerical significance. In ordinary mathematical algebra, A+A = 2A and A.A = A2, because the variable A has some numerical value here....
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