Aliens and Us: Existence Of Extraterrestrial Life

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Aliens and Us

These days in the field of astronomy, ‘’Extraterrestrial Life’’ is a hot potato. Everyone is trying really hard to Find out if Alien exists or Not? This universe is almost 93 billion light-years stretched, our earth as compared to this distance is almost nothing. To think that life doesn’t exist beyond our solar system is a pretty dumb approach.

Habitable Zone and Evolution:

Definition:‘‘Evolution is a process of gradual development in a particular situation. If evolution is the development of an organism with respect to its conditions then the dumbest sentence we often hear is ‘‘Life only exists on earth because it is just suited for living conditions and lies in The Habitable Zone’’. Allow me to explain, when a modern physicist thinks about extraterrestrial life, we think it must be some life in a micro or macro form, different from us, living on a habitable planet. Habitable? We need to rethink a bit about our definition of habitable conditions and redefine life. What we think is habitable might be horrible for other life forms. Might be they are evolved to live without oxygen and earth temperature maybe they are able to live within -200 k or even at 1000 degrees. I think we need to define life with a wide-ranged definition. A question we usually ask our self That why we Humans find ourselves on a planet 149.6 million km away from the sun. And we Answer it rather will illogical answer that only earth was habitable that is the reason we find ourselves here. Earth is just an average planet there is nothing special about it. If we have been living on Mercury then we would have said that mercury is habitable and earth isn’t. we need to look for other kinds of life will billions of other possibilities and consider the fact that we are just a simple 3-dimensional life form like a lot of others in the universe. Tardigrades are microscopic species that can survive temperatures at even 151 degrees Celsius. These species can withstand almost every hazard including space conditions. So, the question arises why such species cannot live outside the habitable zone, surely, they can survive with their ability to adapt environment and characteristics. What if aliens are discovered today: Surely, if we run the probability statistics as compared to earth, the probability for life out there is much higher. Now there are two possibilities either we find them or they find us. But both of these approaches will make a real factor? If we found them first it will mean that we are superior then them in intelligence and technology, But God forbid if they found us then it would mean that they are superior then us. This would create an alarming situation throughout the globe. Economies would collapse and a sense of anarchy would spread throughout Humanity. But there is also a silver lining, might be they are friendly and aren’t hostile as humans are, maybe we might be able to get their attention and a new era of Technological Advance Begins. Just look at it another way, we humans have 98.5 per cent DNA similarity with Monkeys but we are a lot intelligent than that breed, lets put ourselves at a situation where we find monkeys living on a planet, would we give importance to them? Never, we will make them subordinate, kill them or leave them alone. In the same way, for higher intelligence, we are as like as monkeys are to us, they will not even feel our presence or consider us worthy of our attention. So, the chances for friendship with aliens are minute.

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