Essays on American History

American Immigration History

Theodore Roosevelt conveyed a location called ‘Genuine Nationalism,’ in which he stated: ‘We uninhibitedly expand the hand of welcome and of good-partnership to each man, regardless of what his doctrine or origination, who comes here actually aim on turning into a decent US native like all of us; yet we have a right, and it...
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Removing God From American History

During a recent mission’s conference, missionary Mike Patterson recounted how his father-in-law went to Tlapa, Mexico as a missionary over 50 years ago. The culture of that time was that men worked hard during the week and drank hard on the weekends and lived immoral lives. While he was able to lead some of the...
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American History And Cinema: The Green Book

Would it be possible to believe that in the early 60s a taken into custody in a Deep South state African American would be able to wipe the smile of the face of a racist Southern sheriff with a single phone call? When just moments ago he was laughed about claiming his Miranda rights? Yes,...
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