Essays on American Identity

American Consumerism And The Personal Identity

Do you buy items for your personal satisfaction of necessary needs or is there some other personal desire? Nowadays Americans buy items whether it be clothing, food, accessories to help the economy prevail. But is it really necessary for someone to buy a thousand dollar shirt just because of the name of the brand? Consumerism...
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The American Society

As conveyed in the above description, the New York Day Women is an example of educating ourselves about different cultures. As Danticat takes a stroll in Manhattan during her lunch break; to her surprise saw her mother socializing with other people in downtown New York. She has never pictured her mom leaving their home because...
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Immigration And The American Identity

 ”A broken immigration system means broken families and broken lives” DACA, Chinese, and Black immigrants during this time period had a rough time in the US due to them being either excluded from society, treated badly, or were not accepted as a “white. The Jamestown colony was the first successful colony to be able to...
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Captain America: A Mirror Of The American Identity

The True American July 4th, the date that represents freedom in America. Being born on the same day, it is only right for Captain America to fight for American freedom. Commonly known as Steve Rogers, he was constantly picked on by his childhood peers for being scrawny for his age. That did not stop him...
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American Identity: Being An American

“Only in America can someone start with nothing and achieve the American Dream. That’s the greatness of this country (Cruz Rafael).” What it means to be an American is that people have the freedom on where they could live, work, and marry. It also means people should be proud of this country. I believe being...
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