Essays on American Values

American Materialism

Materialism in America isn’t something new, rather it’s something that has been a part of American society for some time now. Materialism is defined as valuing material possessions and physical comfort over spiritual values. In today’s society, we have hundreds if not thousands of examples of people obsessing over material things. Most Americans believe that...
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American Nation And Liberty, Equality, And Democracy

By the 1830s, a young American nation basked in the high ideals of liberty, equality, and democracy. However, until now, American did not actually achieve these goals. Although American has developed a lot that many unfair phenomenon were absent like African-Americans suffered the horrors of slavery, women could not vote, and Native Americans were roundly...
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American Films And Problems Of Time

The underlying values of the film echoed the views of many, veering towards individualism and away from communalism, with issues of race being explored as well. In the instance where the protagonists were pursued by a posse, the race of the posse tracker was singled out, even though the focus was on the protagonists’ escape....
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Meaning And Concept Of The Statue of Liberty

Yearning to Breathe Free The illustration issued by The New Yorker for July 2nd, 2018 edition by Barry Blitt shows five people hiding behind the Statue of Liberty. Judging from their facial features, the people in the cartoon are most likely immigrants as they do not show typical traits of a natural American-white, black, or...

Positive Effect Of The Jazz Age On American Society

The jazz age had a very positive effect on American society during the 1920s. Post-WWI, many jazz musicians left the south and moved north sparking the flame of the jazz age. The jazz age was such an essential part of history because it helped African American authors and creators obtain control of the representation of...
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