An Explanation On The Effects Of Cosmetic Surgery On The Human Body

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Cosmetic surgery has become one of the world’s most trending artificial practices. Cosmetic surgery is defined as any medical operation which is intended to improve a person’s appearance rather than their health (Cambridge dictionary, 2003, p, 275). Cosmetic surgery was first practiced India during the sixth century B.C. It is mostly initiated by individuals who are unsatisfied with their appearance. Cosmetic surgery can be performed on the hips, nose, mouth, ears, butts, face and breast. In this essay we will mainly focus on the advantages and disadvantages of body contouring, breast reduction, facial contouring and hair transplantation on the human body.

Body contouring is defined as any form of cosmetic surgery used to shape, sculpt or reshape body lines (medical dictionary, 2009) Body contouring includes arm lift/ breast lift, face lift, lower body lift, medial thigh lift, and tummy tucks. The procedure is done by either temporary heating or cooling the fat cells in the targeted areas with specialized equipment which selectively damages fat cells in the targeted areas. The procedure targets many parts of the body. Body contouring is a safe and reliable procedure that is used to remove unwanted fat. The results are long lasting because fat cells removed from the body are permanently destroyed. Although it is a common procedure practiced around the world, body contouring comes with many risks compared to its advantages. Body contouring can lead to permanent as well as temporary scarring as it involves large incisions and removal of excess skin and fatty tissue. Since large spaces and cavities are produced, they can lead or result to fluid collection occurring postoperatively as well as excess bleeding under skin or through skin incisions. The procedure requires a lengthy recovery which might have an effect on the persons work or school life. Although fat cells are permanently removed from the body It does not mean that a person cannot gain weight again because fat cells that remained can still expand in size. This procedure can also cause blood clotting in the lungs which can result in life threatening consequences.

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Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that makes the breast smaller, lifting them up. It is a procedure done to remove excess fat tissue and skin from the breast. Rogers and Onge (1999) suggested that large breast might be disproportionate to the rest of the body resulting in self- consciousness and social discomforts they further stated that women with large breast may need to order expensive specialty bras. This procedure is mainly done on women that have big breast who experience discomfort due to their breast weight. Kahivrika (2019,p.8) stated that large breast cause health problems like backaches ,shoulder and neck pain. However, breast reduction acts as a relief to these problems. The procedure is completely safe and recovery time is quick. This procedure results into a well-proportioned body as the breast will be in line with the body structure. Breast reduction improves one’s hygiene as it reduces the chances of getting rashes. It is not only beneficial to women but it also helps men who happen to have abnormal enlarged breast. Breast reduction does not come on a silver platter as it has disadvantages too. After the procedure the nipple becomes numbed which makes it difficult for breastfeeding mothers to breast feed. It leaves scars on the bodies which do not completely disappear. Even though the impact is permanent, the breast will change as a patient ages, so maintaining a healthy stable weight is important for a long time outcome. Although it is regarded safe, it can also cause infections and fever.

Facial contouring is a cosmetic surgery technique that improves the general appearance of the face. “Facial contour is determined by the marriage of soft tissue to underlying skeletal structures (hard tissues). These tissues include the bones of the forehead, orbit, midface, jaw (including the teeth), and cartilages of the nose. The size, shape and relative position of these hard tissues can be altered surgically.” (Murrell, Mclntyre and Trotter 2003 pp 391-397). This procedure whirls around the nose, lips, cheekbones etc. The aim of facial contouring is to refine face outline and all facial features in addition to making the face smaller. It results in a fine balanced face binding loose sagging skin. Nowadays many people especially women are concerned about their age, facial contouring act as solution to this problem because it soften your face and makes you look younger. Overall the procedure is safe and gives effective long lasting results. The results of facial contouring are not permanent and can be changed from time to time if the patient is not satisfied with their looks. It actually gives the patient the power to change their looks. However there are side effects that raise great concern. The opiate drugs used during the procedure can cause allergic reactions in patients. Patients can experience swelling, bruising and numbness around incisions areas and can be left with permanent scars.

Hair transplant can be defined as a” surgical method of hair restoration ‘’ ( Patwardhan and Mysae 2008, p46-53). Hair transplant is mainly used to treat baldness i n males. According to Unger (2005) the basic building block of modern hair transplantation is the interact follicular unit. Hair transplant is a surgical technique that removes hair follicle from one site of the body (donor site) to a recipient site (to a bold or building site of body). The procedure helps you to restore you looks. This procedure may also be used to treat eyelashes, eyebrows, beard hair, chest hair, and pubic hair and fill scars caused by accidents or surgery. The procedure is safe and produces long lasting results in addition to this due to the advances technology used in the procedure its less painful compared to others. Hair transplant is zero plug appearance meaning that people will not notice if one had a hair transplant or not. However hair transplantation is sided with a lot of disadvantages. Sculpt can swell up and bruises can appear around eyes after the transplant. Apart from that crust can form on areas of the scalp, where hair is removed or implanted. Patients can experience smock loss, a sudden typical loss of implanted hair.

Many people are fascinated by the looks of their favorite celebrity’s looks and most of them want to look like them not knowing the risks that come with cosmetic surgery. With advanced technology, the procedures are done faster and most of them have become common. it is the responsibility of the cosmetic surgeons to understand the patients concern and get asses to their medical history to rule out conditions which may complicate surgical procedures . Patients should be aware of the pros and cons of the specific surgery which they that they intend to take to intend. Despite the advantages that come with cosmetic surgery. By comparing to advantages and the disadvantages of cosmetic surgery we could fairly conclude that the disadvantages over rule the advantages. It is better to get that well figured body naturally by sticking on a strict diet and exercising. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and avoid becoming a surgery disaster. Cosmetic surgery comes with both advantages and disadvantages.


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