Essays on An Inspector Calls

Coming up with a good An Inspector Calls essay is not an easy task even if you have seen the stage performance or seen a more recent thriller TV movie based on the famous J.B. Priestley drama. Still, if you have to write an essay dealing with this complex piece ... of writing, focus on the characters and the run of events. There is a complex interplay between fake and reality, guilt and innocence that must be reflected as you plan your essay. Ask yourself various questions as you write and do not forget to take a closer look at our An Inspector Calls sample essay to learn the main facts and see how a movie/book review must be done.

An Inspector Calls: Why Social Status Won’t Beat The Morality

An Inspector Calls by JBP is an unapologetically political play, which criticizes the past while suggesting hope for the future; the power is arguably used by Priestley as part of a wider argument on the benefits of socialism and the cruel consequences of capitalism. Power is presented through the characters of Mr. Birling and Inspector...
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The Theme Of Responsibility In An Inspector Calls

Priestley explores responsibility through all the characters. His aim was to highlight that our actions always affect another person even if we think it doesn’t Priestley wanted a socio-political shift in the world as he wanted people to help build a better and caring society. In inspector calls there is a heavy use of anadiplosis...
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How Is Power Used And Abused In ‘An Inspector Calls’?

‘An Inspector Calls’ is a play written in 1945 that exposes how power was used and abused upon the lower class citizens in 1912. JB Priestley exposes the faults in a capitalistic society through the death of Eva Smith. The play follows the awful events that lead to her death through the power abuse of...
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An Inspector Calls: Analysis Of Sheila

J.B Priestley presents Sheila as ‘A pretty girl in her early twenties, very pleased with life and rather excited ‘through the stage directions in Act 1 in the well-made whodunnit play of An Inspector Calls through the unities of time, action and place. Predominantly, one may argue that looks can be deceiving as in Act...
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An Inspector Calls: Social Issues In The Play

Set in 1912, the play An Inspector Calls explores aspects of socialism and equality previous to the war. Priestley presents three distinct and powerful female roles who show contrasting views on society. It is interesting to consider the interactions between the female characters; Sheila, Mrs Birling and Eva. At the beginning of the play the...
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An Inspector Calls: Social Division In A Play

In the play, An Inspector Calls we are only introduced to people of higher social class, apart from Edna the Maid and the Inspector. In this play J.B Priestley is trying to show how the upper class lives such rich and divine lives, looking down on the lower class. Mr. Birling stands his ground, the...
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Representation Of Women In An Inspector Calls?

An Inspector Calls is a play written by English dramatist J.B.Priestley, the play is set in 1912 which talks about the controversies, and the political problems in that era like how women were treated poorly because of their gender or their class and how that era was the opposite from the expectations of people in...
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