Analysing Sherman Alexie’s What Sacagawea Means To Me

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My essay is talking about the colonization and how do colonial people think about their country and the consequences of this colonization, also from the colonizer perspective and what are his gains from colonizing new land. I also gave some examples about colonization over different countries and over different periods of time. Colonization is considered as one of the phenomena that have spread throughout the world over the last decades, when defining what colonialism is, it is defined as a phenomenon that seeks to dominate a strong country over a weak one, extending its influence over it and exploiting its economic goods and natural, social and cultural resources. After defining colonization, you still cannot tell whether the results from it will be beneficial for the colonizer or will affect them. An image that represents a negative affect for the colonizer is what happened for the Italian colonizer while they were trying to occupy Morocco, they faced the people, and their anger towards what might happen to their country. However, colonizer can also develop their country and seek for what is better for the people.

The researcher often uses the opinions and ideas of researchers, writers and others, and this process is called ‘quotation’, and it is one of the important things that the researcher should give his full attention and care in terms of the accuracy of the quotation, necessity, importance and importance. And the quotation is clear and straightforward by the researcher to transfer the written text completely in the form and the way that was mentioned. Also, the researcher can use a specific idea or some paragraphs for the researcher or another writer and formulate it in his style, and in both cases the researcher should avoid distorting the meaning that the previous researcher intended to achieve an aspect of honesty by preserving the ownership of ideas, opinions and sayings.

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While Analysing Sherman Alexie’s “What Sacagawea Means to Me,” I noticed his tone seemed contained some satire. He constantly makes wisecracks about the way Sacagawea was treated during her life. In the first paragraph, Alexie talks about a Sacagawea theme park where you will be put through the trials and troubles Sacagawea went through in 15 minutes, he says at the end of the paragraph “at the end of your Sacagawea journey, you will be shown the exit and given a souvenir T-shirt that reads, IF THE US IS EDEN, THEN SACAGAWEA IS EVE, ”shows evidence of satire. He’s stating that Sacagawea went through having to carrying her infant son with her on the Lewis and Clark expedition and surviving the tough weather and terrain in the process and all she got out of it was basically a “good job” and nothing else. Alexie’s tone is also “in your face.” Meaning he’s always throwing something new into the mix as if saying “this is wrong and I don’t care if you disagree with my ideas.” Alexie shows the reader that the expedition was not only completed by Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea. Being an Indian writer, he shows concern regarding colonization and its effects on his ancestors, but he also goes to mention the other “forty-five nameless and faceless first- and second-generation European Americans who joined the journey” that weren’t mentioned by the “white historians.” He continues in the essay to state that he, as well as America and Sacagawea, is a contradiction. I personally find that his implied audience would be those interested in Sacagawea, the Lewis and Clark expedition, and the contradictions of the world. In conclusion, Alexie writes of how things so great can take place at the same time as something so vile.


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