Analysis Of BMW Advertisement And Its Aim

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Manufacturers do what they have to do in order to sell their cars whether they’re new or used cars. BMW’s interpretation on advertising their pre-owned vehicles is to make them look very nice and clean to the customers of the company. Used cars are usually looked down upon because cars that are made by BMW are usually a symbol of having wealth and a sense of luxury. A used car would only be for someone that buys them but is not so wealthy. However the way BMW uses one of their ads in a sexual way about their premium used vehicles that they have in stock has helped them point out that buying a used car is not a bad thing​ at all.​ Advertisers use sexual connections in their advertisements to make the products much in the ad seen and look more appealing. They do this in order to market for their male audience and to get the name of the brand spread around even though the advertising usage was sexual.

Starting with BMW’s advertisement for their premium selection of used cars. The ad shows a young woman probably in her 20s looking straight at the lens of the camera in a seductively manner that leaves the viewers looking straight at her as well. The image focuses on the young woman’s face while her bright blonde hair surrounds her. But in this ad it is just mostly her face barely any of her body shows. There is a quote on the ad that says “You know you’re not the first.”. This is a clear reference to how many partners that the woman has had. It could also be that she has already lost her virginity. The way they advertised the woman in the ad is what makes their male audience think about what is worth it to them or how they should be seeing things as “used”. They are trying to change the image and the status quote that purchasing a pre-owned used car is a “bad thing” and they try to make them look as good as possible. They want their customers to experience the luxury and cleanliness of their vehicles even though they are at a very low price and used. They wanted to show that the woman has already had past partners just like a used car has had past owners. Whoever is looking at this ad the advertisers want them to think to themselves whether they would give up something just because of what has happened in the their past​.​ Furthermore the targeted audience is males that are made to think whether they would give up a beautiful woman just because she has had past partners like a car has had past owners. Obviously some people want to buy a luxury car but would they still buy it if it had previously been owned by 4 people? Yes, It’s not something bad. BMW is using the young woman’s sexual demeanor in order to sell its used cars.

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Males are targeted in this advertisement to spark excitement into the male audience that are searching for a car. It’s showing that no matter what you’re still getting a bmw used or not they wanted to show that used cars are never a bad thing. The girl in the advertisement is staring directly into the lens of the camera makes it feel like she’s staring at you. In a way just to make it appealing to the male audience.The ad also says “Sheer Driving Pleasure”. This is another reference to sexual part of the ad and it also implies that if you find a pleasure in driving one of BMW’s pre owned cars you surly won’t regret having one then. Advertisers use sex as a way to sell a products that have nothing to do with sex at all making them highly inappropriate at times. They do this in order to sell their products at a good rate because of this term “Sex Sells” The BMW advertisement doesn’t even have a car in the ad it’s simply just a woman. The only reference to cars is the light grey “used cars” font next to The BMW logo which is found at the bottom right corner it’s visible to the viewer but not to the extent of the “You know you’re not the first”. The woman in this advertisement is pretty much being objectified especially because of the comparison made between her and the pre owned vehicles. The woman is shown out to be just like a used car. In a way I know BMW wanted the viewers of the ad to see this because they want the comparison of a used car and her being “used” as well to be clear..

When advertisers show a ad like this they don’t want to spark a huge problem or even controversy on their company. They do it to catch the eye of their targeted audience which is males to sell their products to. This lone makes the BMWs name very popular with men which isn’t odd since that is the audience they want. BMW may also kind of want their brand to be involved with controversy because if it is the BMW name will be all over news and press. This would get their name a lot more out there to the public due to all the media outlets and exposure that are reporting on their name. Regardless of whether the ad is unseemly and hostile to a few that doesn’t make a difference. Their objective was to get the name of the brand out there and they accomplished that by making their ad sexual.The way the ad was out of their wasn’t meant to hurt anyone’s feelings or have people feel uncomfortable. BMW just wants people to understand that having a used car doesn’t make you different from the next person who has a new one. Whether this has a positive or negative effect on BMW they accomplished the grounds on what is discussed about their company . Any type exposure is exposure regardless of whether positive or negative it’s acceptable exposure to BMW.

In conclusion BMW just wants to show that buying a used car isn’t a bad thing. They want people to understand that they don’t just sell expensive luxury vehicles. They accomplished that with this advertisement. Even though they sexualize and show woman as a comparison to something being “used” they do it in order to sell. The male audience was met with a bombshell of an ad that could spark controversy among others. Or people could just see this and think of it as just another ad and won’t have a problem with it. Whether this ad makes people uncomfortable or not BMW will keep on making advertisements like this if it helps their name get out there even more.   


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