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The United States has refused to acknowledge the Chinese Genocide, and while many individuals feel this is wrong, the reality of the world is that the decision is up to the President and not the people. Uighur people are being killed only for the reason that they just didn’t want to be treated like trash and wanted to be treated like humans. The Chinese Government sent them a letter for an acclaimed vacation that would enhance quality of life, which was ultimately a vacation to death. The Chinese Government wanted to make it an act to be friendly and Uighurs didn’t like it (FANBOY AND).

The Uyghur Genocide has been happening for the last year and occurring right now.. Muslims in China are the big target, also known as (Uighurs), there are about 11 million Uighurs in Xinjiang, China. The Chinese Government is entering villages and entering homes and splitting up families. If you are part of the Uyghur you had to stay. “ They just target us because of the way we look, the way we act and because of the fact that we are muslims.” Thus muslims in Xinjiang China don’t feel safe walking down streets or being with there family. On November 28, 2015 “ I was walking down the street and a voice from a distance said pick up the trash you slave, all just because I was Muslim.” People classify Uyghurs as slaves to “regular” people.

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The Chinese Government was accused of the racial conflict of the Uighur people on November 8, 2018. The Chinese Government highly denied that a Genocide was happening and it was for a political standpoint. Western Countries demanded that China would get rid of all Uighurs being held captive and detained these countries including United States, Europe, and Canada. (BBC.Com)

The Chinese government was contained of also being known as the Nationals Peoples Congress (NPC). The State council of china contained of the following people four Vice primers, five state councillors, the president, and 29 ministers. In the 1980s people tried to seperate the party’s and state people. This attempted was shot down in the 1990s due to leaders of the state were also leaders of the party. This control of the party and the states increase the total amount of power that the Chinese Government had. China was announced communist since July 1, 1921. (foreign policy). The Chinese Government didn’t want to start a genocide, nor did they want Uighurs in there country(FANBOY NOR).

The Ugihurs are well based known as a turkish ethnicity who mainly live in East and Central Asia. Today, the Ugihur population is well known in the country Xinjiang, China. Ugihurs practice islamic ways and religion over anything else. “An estimated 80% of Xinjiang’s Uyghurs live in the south-western portion of the region, the Tarim Basin”(foreignpolicy). “Other than Xinjiang, the largest community of Uyghurs in China is in Taoyuan County, in north-central Hunan Outside of China, according to the World Uyghur Congress, the Uyghur population is believed to number 1.0–1.6 million(”. Significant diasporic communities of Uyghurs exist in the Central Asian countries of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan, and in Turkey. Smaller communities are found in Afghanistan, Germany; Belgium, the Netherland; Norway, Sweden; Russia, Saudi Arabia; Australia, Canad;, and the United States (The Guardian/ Double Whammy). The Chinese Government decided to trick them, or they could’ve captured them(FANBOY OR). The Chinese Government captured over 1.6 million Uighurs; Additionally they were acting like business as usual(The Guardian/The Combination).

The Uyghur Genocide was the first known genocide to happen in China. “It’s time for action, something horrific is happening on our watch,” said Nury Turkel, chair of the board for the UHRP. The Ugihur people are estimated to have at least 1 million people held and detained in camps in Xinjiang, China by the Chinese Government. These camps the Ugihur people are sent to are known as “vocational training centres”.The Ugihurs that are detained within them are taught language, culture and vocational skills. In August, the UN called for the immediate release of people from the camps, saying they had received many credible reports that a million ethnic Uighurs were held in what resembled a “massive internment camp that is shrouded in secrecy”(The Guardian).The Uighurs started protesting, yet the Chinese would continue on with the plan(FANBOY YET).

The people that represent the Uighurs have wanted a meeting to discuss the conflict the Chinese Government has had the Uighurs and the turkish ethnicity. “On a visit to Australia the leaders of the Uyghur Human Rights Project, said “ governments, business, academics and think tanks all had a responsibility to stop business as usual relations with China.”

The Chinese Genocide has being going on for a while and the chinese government is in the process of committing a genocide taking away muslims uighur people from the population. The US, while potentially is getting played is in the need of choosing a side or staying out of the Chinese Genocide. The US should get involved because the benefits that come with that are that the US is considered a world savior and could potentially have migration to the US for a better life. The US would also benefit from this because the more people they save the more people that migrate create jobs and an economically growth in the US economy.

The United States has refused to acknowledge the Chinese Genocide, and while many individuals feel this is wrong, the reality of the world is that the decision is up to the President and not the people. There is no denying that more than 1 million Uighurs could die. These deaths would be a tragic and would aim china to be Uighur free. The Chinese Government told Uighurs that they were going on a vacation that would enhance english and school subjects. The US decided not to get involved, so the Chinese Government wouldn’t hate them(FANBOY SO). The US wanted to try and get involved, but higher authority wouldn’t let them.   


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