Analysis of Jack As the Object of Fear and Manipulation in Lord of the Flies

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How William Golding used Jack in “Lord of the Flies” as an object of fear and manipulation to take control on the island. Why would William Golding use Jack as that object of fear and manipulation?

At the beginning of the story, we could identify how jack had a domineering personality and did not want to do the right thing as Ralph had insisted. So how did Jack use fear and manipulation in the story? Well, Jack created the idea of a “mysterious beast” that no one had seen or even heard of. He created the beast to make himself and others who followed him look fearful. Jack uses the excitement and fear to manipulate the young boys, but they don’t realize it. Jack uses hunting as a tool of excitement for the boys because hunting is fun and exciting for young boys on the wild. Ralph decided he was going to go hunt the beast with jacks group, Ralph knows it isn’t the right decision but it will show samneric that they did not see the beast. The excitement an fear of hunting the beast leads the young boys to forget about what is really important (the fire signal). Jack tells the kid he will do anything for them to protect them from the beast. This helps jack with having the power he wants, but no one seems to understand how powerful Jack can really get if they give him all the power.

Why might jack use fear ad manipulation too control the boys? We know jack has always wanted to be the leader and was jealous Ralph was picked to be the leader. Jack wanted to be more than Ralph, and eventually, he ended up having the power he imagined having. Jack wanted this power to fit into his vision of reality on the island, he wanted everyone to look up to him and his needs. Jack has so powerful that he controls everyone and his tribe ends up killing Simon by mistaking him for the beast. Simon was only trying to explain what the Lord of the Flies mentioned to him but instead, he was killed. After his death, there is no point of return. Everyone who has been following jack has turned into complete savages and there is no return of civilization on the island no matter how much Ralph and Piggy enforced it. I think Jack felt insecure and scared because of the fear of abandonment. Jack is trying to hide the fact that being on the island alone without any grown-ups is scary for him and everyone else, but Jack doesn’t want to show that part of him. So, Jack sought power and used it harmfully as he controlled others and created a system that feels safer to them from the beast.

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