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 Mycobacterium Tuberculosis just one of many forms of Tuberculosis, that spread through “aerosols containing tubercle bacilli” (Ozimek, 2003), in air molecules. Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, like it’s family, a very infectious disease, that infects a person’s respiratory system (lungs). disease gets spread from a contagious, disease carrying individual, to a non-infected individual. Because of way it spreads, how it spread, this disease found all over world, one of biggest factors that influence world’s death rate.

For first world countries, it not as serious, as they have equipment technology to control spread within that country, they can also afford expensive treatment hospital bills that go along with treating infected people. Some examples of first world countries would be Great Britain, Australia, America more (Kanabus, 2018). Unfortunately, third world countries, examples would be South Africa, Angola, China, Pakistan more (Kanabus, 2018), have a high death rate due to Tuberculosis are classified as a “high burden” in which they have a high carry Tuberculosis number countries are infected with disease. Third world countries cannot always afford treatment technology, along with equipment needed to help infected people.

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This disease a ferocious, pathogenic disease that can kill world population if not contained properly sufficiently. Most people get confused between flu Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, as their symptoms are very similar to one another. Many people die, due to fact that they do not go check to see if they have either flu or Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, as they often think it flu. Symptoms include cough, fever, and/or chest pain, sweating, cold flushes.

It important that individuals know what to look out for what costs expenses are to come if they are found facing disease. People need to be cautious, as to where disease mainly found, they need to know how Tuberculosis spread, in order to avoid getting pathogenic disease, to also decrease number of individuals that can get infected to also decrease death rate, not just in country, but also for world. So, next time you think you have flu, check to make sure that it isn’t Mycobacterium Tuberculosis disease haunting you!

History of disease Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

Scientists have discovered that disease has been around since as early as 2400 BC. Evidence of this discovery was when scientists took samples from spinal cords of decayed mummies (Ozimek, 2003), in museums. Traces were found in decayed bodies, evidence was also decayed Tuberculosis cells.

Tuberculosis all different kinds of Tuberculosis, including Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, had a “common African ancestor” (Daniel, 2006). name of common ancestor not known, but ancestor of disease can be traced as far back as 35 000 to 15 000 years ago. This can be seen in Mycobacterium structure, as it has six strands of same genetic code as that of ancestor DNA every other form of Tuberculosis other Mycobacterium Tuberculosis family members. Research that has been done on known mutation rate of Mycobacterium tuberculosis shows that “much of present diversity among these strains originated between 250 1000 years ago”, (Daniel, 2006).

Tuberculosis Mycobacterium Tuberculosis didn’t have individual names like present times, but instead was called a single name until 1882. Tuberculosis was known as Consumption (Ozimek, 2003) no one knew what leading cause of it was, until a scientist named Robert Koch discovered what bacterium was responsible for causing Consumption.

After Robert Koch’s discovery, Clemens von Pirquet developed a test, called tuberculin skin test (Daniel, 2006). test was used to prove or investigate what disease did to asymptomatic children. He then discovered that children were more vulnerable to disease were easily seen to get infected by disease, due to their weak immune systems, which could not manage disease children died very quickly (Daniel, 2006) .

Luckily for children, people who were infected with disease, a BCG vaccination was created to help decrease likeliness of getting disease. vaccination was done all over world was given to every individual at a very young age to increase children’s immune system to ensure that they will not be so prone to catching disease. vaccination was also given to soldiers during World War One to ensure that they did not receive it while fighting in battle (Daniel, 2006), so armies had enough men to fight they didn’t lose any of their men from Tuberculosis from different kinds of Tuberculosis, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis being one of them.

The spread of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis throughout world

Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, like every other form of Tuberculosis, spread through air in a person’s air molecules. death rate because of Tuberculosis has decreased over years, compared to how it used to be in previous times. (Previous times being 20 000 years ago). Countries high in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Tuberculosis, such as South Africa, Pakistan, China, etc. (Kanabus, 2018) are one of main reasons why death rate in world high. An infected person does not “experience TB symptoms right away”, but will after a few days of getting infected (Goldman, 2018). So, if a person gets infected on one day, then next day they travel to another country, they can spread disease to other members of population of a different country, because disease carrying individual never knew they were carrying disease. So now, a person in that country infected, it gets spread through regions of that country, so cycle goes on. However, some countries do tests at airports before you enter country, so that disease does not enter country individuals of that population do not get infected. Example would be United Kingdom (Kanabus, 2018). They have Tuberculosis scanners at airport, which you go through so that before you enter country, they can see if you are infected with disease or not.

Relationship between Mycobacterium Tuberculosis human kind

Every member of Tuberculosis family infects a different part of human body, may it be throat of a person, or heart, etc. but every form of Tuberculosis infects mainly lungs. Because disease spread through air, in a form of air molecules from an infected person, to an uninfected person who inhales these molecules (Ozimek, 2003), which then travel to lungs that how disease primarily spread.

The process as follows: An infected person with disease speaks, coughs, or sneezes in front of an uninfected person. air molecules containing Mycobacterium bracilli from infected person spread to an uninfected person who inhale Mycobacterium bracilli. disease then travels through persons airway to lungs of person. disease lives off lung tissue, which in return destroys lung tissue, thus reason why coughing up blood a symptom of Tuberculosis.

The disease lives off a person’s body thrives in that environment. While disease having time of its life living off human’s body, host dying. body starts to shut down cannot function as it should function, as no air can be spread through person’s body, as smooth muscle wall of lungs get broken down (Ozimek, 2003).

Human kind evolving to becoming immune to many diseases. Thus, as our bodies are improving, along with our immune systems, so bacteria Tuberculosis. Human kind has found many solutions as to how we can defeat some of harmful bacteria. Unfortunately, bacteria can evolve five times speed that we can evolve at. Scientists say that we come from bacteria, in fact, we are a form of bacteria. Bacteria evolve to being immune to some antibiotics we can no longer defeat them, as we do not have a solution for fighting them off yet. Bacteria human kind are both evolving simultaneously. Unfortunately, one just a little bit faster evolving quicker better than other.

How improved technology has provided insight to evolution to Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

As years go by, technology improves every day, which improves investigations on certain diseases that have no solution to them. A new way in which we can identify type of Tuberculosis using microscopy bleach sputum processing (Organization, 2007). A swab from a person’s mouth taken placed in a “petri dish of stock”, which then bleached (Organization, 2007). Once type of Tuberculosis identified, then monitor treatment system put into place (Organization, 2007). This form of investigation an improvement keeps on improving. A Tuberculosis detection machine can be used to identify if a person has Tuberculosis or not. machine very similar to an X-ray machine same principle applies to how it works. This machine scans a person as to how their organs look what their blood tested as. This machine used in airports of first world countries, as third world countries cannot afford this equipment technology to prevent spread of disease from other countries continents.

Present Future

“Progress has been made” in amount of knowledge of disease (Gagneux, 2009). More scientific investigations have been carried out disease being looked at more more by scientists. Unfortunately, with progress in knowledge, there has not yet been much progress in Tuberculosis trends number of people who are infected by this horrible disease. Scientists are still trying to find a cure for this disease. They say by 2025 there should be a cure for disease. “Mathematical models” calculations (Gagneux, 2009) are being used to try find cure, these models are helping scientists to understand more more as to how this disease functions operates.

Climate change does infect investigation process drastically. Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Tuberculosis itself thrives in cool, because that when a person’s body temperature in correct temperature range.

Unfortunately, what always happens with research of diseases, new dangerous diseases might arise (Gagneux, 2009) research of Tuberculosis might slow down or stop in order to try find a cure for disease that more deadly than Tuberculosis. So now this will affect research project, now it will take longer for scientists to try find a cure for disease, so more more people will get infected.

A research study has found that in South Africa, more children are getting infected during spring than during any other season. In Spain, winter time when more children get infected with Tuberculosis than any other season. “The less ultraviolet light exposure, more frequent TB” (Fernandes, et al., 2017).

In 10 years that scientists found examined these results, they found that highest incident rate of TB was in “winter (27,0%), followed by fall (25,0%), spring (24,7%) summer (23,3%)”. For South Africa, most cases were reported when temperature was between 13C-23C (Fernandes, et al., 2017).

Cases of Tuberculosis are increasing worldwide, due to fact that Ultra Violet Light exposure in atmosphere decreasing. This also caused by climate change, which also contributes to changes in cloud patterns ozone depletion (Terri, 2015).

If climate change were to carry on as it now, Tuberculosis numbers Mycobacterium Tuberculosis numbers will increase, along with many other deadly bacterial diseases. If human kind does not do something about climate change now, then whole world bound to die from Tuberculosis other contagious deadly diseases.


Mycobacterium Tuberculosis found all over world, infects many people, seen as number one death cause in 1981 in United States. Mycobacterium imposes a huge threat to our society to our world how we are supposed to live survive.

Sadly for people, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, any form of Tuberculosis starting to become resistant to antibiotics, which try slow process of disease down, help repair damage tissue that was damaged during process of Tuberculosis taking over. Although treatment of disease has dramatically increased since it was first discovered, so number of people of world has increased too. This not just for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, but for most deadly diseases.

Mycobacterium also mainly found in under developed areas within a country. Certain acts help to prevent spread by doing simple tasks. An example would be sneezing in your shirt or coughing in your shirt, or doing any act that can help you prevent your air molecules from entering air if you are a contaminated person. Sanitation keeping clean a good way to prevent Tuberculosis other diseases from spreading.

A person infected with Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV) are more prone to catching disease (Terri, 2015), along with small children, as their immune system weak (Terri, 2015) their body cannot sustain so much pressure of this type of disease. There are two stages of Tuberculosis: Primary Secondary infection (Ozimek, 2003).

Primary infection when disease found within a healthy person, but disease not as deadly. A healthy person experiences flu like symptoms but can lead to a deadly end without treatment. With secondary infection, this only occurs with people with a weakened immune system, immune system cannot sustain pressure body undergoing.

Mycobacterium Tuberculosis a serious disease that needs to be treated problem needs to be solved. Our world will suffer like it always has with this disease, we need to find a solution for this problem, quickly. Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, our flu symptom killer. 


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