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What is No Homework Policy? No Homework Policy is a law which banning the teacher to give an assignment to his/her student. Its main goal is to protect the child to become stress in school and also to have a plenty of time with thier family. But, it is really the reason why we need this kind of policy? It is the solution to those problem that been face by the student to both inside and outside of home and school? And, Why the Deped proclaimed this kind of policy?

Children whom attending the school had thier responsible to do as a student who wanted to learned new things. And, as a teacher their job is to guide them in the right things to do. They teach us how to be more responsible student. The first step they take to teach us how to be a responsible, they give us an assignment to do at home. We spend time in doing our homework so that in the next meeting we have to show off. Spending time in our hmework were make us to be more attached in the topic that we been discuss during the discussion of the teacher. It also help us to be actively thinking and focused in every lesson. When our teacher discussed abuout the assignment that she/he gived to us we easy pick up the idea of the lesson. Homework had negative effect and positive effect to both student and teachers. To teacher, they gived homework to make sure that thier student barely lesson in discussion and also to know if they really get the lesson that she/he discuss. To student, homework and some activies is one of the best enemy that they faced in thier school life. But those enemy help them to achieve thier dreams and also to build thier self. Other says that having a homewrok at school that need to do at home is a sore of thier nights. Instead of spending thier night with thier family or friends they need to choose to spend thier time doing the homework. Homework make us to be more focused in our study that will lead us to becom untisocial or not socially active. But with this we become more realiable to our self and we slowly developed our instinct and know how to faced the problem. Evan though it had a negative effect it also have a positive effect to us. It teach us to be improve our academic skills.

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As a student who already suffer the evilly homework who make me suffer in my day of vacant in school. Every time that our teacher gived us some homework im struggling on how Im going to do it without any hesitation. But, because I want to learn I need to solve the problem that I’ved faced with the homework. It is an acheivement for me if i’ll finish my homework without the help of my classmate even they help me to do my assignment. The “ No Homewok Policy “ is the other way to solve of being a stressful in school but even it had the positive effect it also had a negative effect that may lead the student to be more spoiled. It makes the student become more hardheaded in doing thier homework. Because of the law the teacher forbidden them to gived an assignment that they need to do at their home. Other said that policy been proclaimed due to the parents who wanted to spend time with thier children and because of the homwork thier child can’t join them. But they didnt know that doing the homework of thier child will made a bond for the family, if they help thier child to do the homework they build a family bonding without any problem and it also help thier child to easily finish it.

In my own opinion the “ No Homework Policy” should not be proclaimed by the lawmaker in our nation. It is not the solution that the parents need to solve the problem in making a bond with thier child sometimes it’s within them. If they really care about thier child they should need time with thier child and help them in doing the school homework. In that way they make a bond with thier child and a treasure memory.


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