Ancient Egypt As One Of The Most Interesting Civilizations In The World Of Human Art And Science

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Ancient Egypt is one of the most interesting civilizations in the world of human art and science dating back thousands of years ago. It was a civilization of ancient North Africa which has more than 5,000 years of history and combines past culture and modernity. This country appeared approximately in 3100 BCE and ended because of the dramatic death of Cleopatra VII in 30 BCE. Egypt was so powerful in its area. Ancient Egypt was the important civilization in the Mediterranean world, being the most culturally advanced nationality in every area of human knowledge. During our time many countries around the world did not reach the cultural level of the Egyptians. They tried to improve their countries day by day. From technology to religion– the ancient Egyptian era was the most affective era, especially to the Ancient Greeks. Ancient Egyptian society was divided into a hierarchical system with the pharaoh above; Below are visions, priests, writers, craftsmen, slaves, and peasants. They were the most valuable people because of Pharaoh’s death and the responsibility for the annihilation of Nile. Although the majority of the Egyptians were poor, they had the opportunity to move to the next class that could make more money. Ancient Egypt is known for its colorful culture and curious traditions. Moreover, it is a country with mysteries which is still not solved even by scientists. When people hear Egypt they always think about gods and mummies. I will show how they are interconnected with each other.

Ancient Egyptians were known as the most ‘religious’ people in the world. They had hosted almost 2000 gods which the god of death Osiris, the god of motherhood Isis, the god of the sky Horus is the most widespread and known gods of our time throughout history. Although their number was more than 2000, many of them have similarities. The reason for this was that Egypt was connected of many regions. These gods were mostly animal-headed and human-like. Thus, raptorial birds, crocodiles, snakes, turtles, and sheep, dogs, cats and other pets are considered as an integral part of any of the gods or goddesses and the environment where people live. The rivers, the families, the wilderness, the meetings, the love, the gods of all being. Many gods, by time, were united in a variety of ways. The gods were like human beings. Thus, they were identical to humans. The gods also loved and hated people, hated them, went out to hunt, harvested, ate and drank. But they did all this better than people. The most important of these were the beliefs of the ancient Egyptian religion, the beliefs of the people, and the belief in post-mortal life. According to the Ancient Egyptian religion, Pharaoh was a holy being. He was a reflection of his gods in the world, and his task was to spread justice to the world and protect them. The popular beliefs were extremely complicated and these beliefs that were in conflict with the official religion of the state were suppressed by Pharaoh’s leadership. In essence, many gods are believed to have been described as being generally human beings and human beings. However, it was possible to meet local traditions that could change from region to region. From my point of view, respect and love to the all gods is the main principle distinguishing Egypt from other countries. Each god had own role and meaning. Moreover, Osiris was the god who opened the door to the afterlife for everyone. The son of Osiris, Geb and Nut, the god of the resurrection for immortal life. Ruler, guard, judge of the dead. Therefore, the afterlife played big role in their life such as mummification.

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Additionally, the Egyptians tried to give meaning to everything they saw on Earth. According to them, the stars that shone in the sky were the dead who reached the rank of God. As I mentioned in the previous body Osiris was the god of death Osiris is the god of the other world, beyond death, of trial and rebirth. The sovereignty of the world of the dead is in the hands of Osiris. He meets the ones who abandoned their death and preside over their death beyond death. Osiris was always portrayed as a contiguous cone. Sometimes there is a crown at the beginning and two or more feathers. In his depictions, his body is either bandaged or covered with fish scales. Her hands are crossed in the chest and she holds a royal whip and a cane. There are some symbols of the Sirius star on his cane, two of which are the dog head and the spring. Mummification, which allows a lifeless body to be preserved for thousands of years, is, in fact, a very complicated process. The Egyptian’s rule of mummifying was like this: first, they remove the internal organs of the dead, brain drawn from the nose, sterilized body, and deposited in item called natron for 40 days. Later this item was removed from the body, arms and legs were covered with mud or sand, then the body was wrapped in resin, with yellow gum and cinnamon. After a kind of ointment was thrown into the body, the fine linen cloth was bent. Egyptians also tested the methods of mummification not only in humans, but also on different animals. From ancient archaeological finds in ancient Egypt, where medicine has developed much, and especially the methods of mummification. In addition, it is important to note that the mummification by removing all the internal organs of the dead, without breaking the body, indicates that people who do this work have enough anatomy knowledge to replace each organ. Furthermore, mummies many other medical devices used by the Egyptians 5,000 years ago have also come to light in archaeological excavations. As a result, all rituals performed in Egyptian beliefs; Prayers, meticulous mummies, ceremonies and written texts/amulets were meant to make the person immortal and to turn into God. In addition, Osiris was the main protector of men’s world. As a result of this fact, I analyze that besides god of death Osiris and mummification there were discrimination against women in Egypt, such as the protection of men.


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