Essays on Animal Ethics

Need For Amendment Of Animal Laws In India

“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals”. -Immanuel Kant India has made some commendable efforts towards animal protection including ban on import of animal-tested cosmetics to prohibition on use of dolphins for entertainment. It has also been recognised as the first cruelty free zone in the South East Asia....
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Animal Ethics: Human Versus Animals

I wanted to talk about a different aspect to animals, different from the presentation we did. Certain animals are picked to be loved and not to be harmed and kind of why certain animals are chosen this way even though all animals feel pain just like us humans. . Like when comes to family, many...

Basis Of Animal Ethics, Focusing On The Idea Of Speciesism

Question: ‘With reference to at least one case study, critically discuss an environmental ethic of your choice’. Answer: James argues that to study environmental issues we first need to address the philosophy behind them (James 2005, p. 9). Therefore, this essay will open by looking at speciesism throughout history and consequently the arguments of both...
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