Animal Farm: The Transformation Of Power In The Human Society

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The way George Orwell, in his book, “Animal Farm” manifests communism and socio-political crises that prevailed in the early twentieth century, has undoubtedly surprised me. He has, in his book, communicated a rather distressing story of how power transforms in the Manor Farm, which truly reflects our society. It all happened after Old Major’s majestic address. In his speech, before his demise, the old experienced pig, depicted a society where all animals would be equal and could be enjoying all the freedoms of life. The animals were wrongly employed by Mr. Jones for his own perquisites. Despite the fact that animals had dethroned Mr. Jones, it, however, was never an easy business to perpetuate with the seven commandments that too were inscribed on the wall of the farm. Interestingly, after the death of Major, the battle for power ran between the two pigs-Napoleon and Snowball. Squalor, yet, another pig, had all the praising for Napoleon, a tyrant ruler. Corruption and indoctrination had become accepted proceedings inside the farm. The parable, furthermore, tells how people like Boxer, a devoted animal, had been in the past, and in the present, are abused by the powerful in our societies. It also adds that how extreme power develops into corruption and the later reshapes into propaganda. Both, Napoleon and his second in command-Squalor gradually bankrupted the seven rules of the animal farm.

I wonder how the idea of animalism, before making any considerable efforts, seriously ceased to exist. The ultimate authority laid in the hands of Napoleon, an incompetent pig, similar to the authoritarianism and power of Stalin, who emerged as a stern dictator of the Soviet Union. Napoleon, after axing Snowball, a real architect and strategist, who strived hard to revolutionize the farm, retained every legal right to brutally exploit all other animals of the farm. Absolute power resulted in corruption and it, there on, was a routinely exercise in Napoleon’s court. Firstly, identical to the modern day politics, where politicians misuse their power for self-gain, he used all the tactics to have a firm grasp on the internal farm affairs. For instance, all the pigs, after manipulating one of the commandments of animalism, “all animals are equal” were regarded superior to the other animals of the farm. Pigs had all the privileges to eat an apple and drink the milk of cows, which had initially been assumed to feed the calves. A separate school building was built for the pigs to learn, which shows an obvious class difference and resembles present day class milieu. Further violating the farm rules, they also adopted human like characters. They started to drink and sleep on the beds. Secondly, to promote external farm affairs, Napoleon initiated dealing with humans too, which yet again objected one of the seven commandments of the farm. He opened the trade with neighboring farms that unlocked the farm for another attack, this time by Frederick, which further emanated in the collapse of Boxer’s physical strength. Also, he sold out eggs of hens to make up for the rations needed to nourish the farm animals. This act of Napoleon culminated in a dire concern and riots by hens, however, the meager fellows were dampened by his extravagant forces. He cruelly killed many other animals of the farm, before selling out Boxer to the knacker’s home. Not even making a slight contribution to the prosperity of the farm, he drastically failed in refashioning the farm, partly because of his autocratic attitude and more specifically due to his fraudulent nature.

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Likewise, excessive corruption inside the farm flourished into propaganda. To enhance his impression, Napoleon like every other human turned to pursue Squalor, his second in command, and a celebrated orator in fact. Squalor, like Vyacheslav Molotov and other shrewd rhetoricians of the preceding times and modern days, made all the intentions possible to preserve Napoleon’s notion. Like, on one of the occasions, which however, was never his idea, he succeeds in swaying all other animals that the entire gratitude of constructing the windmill goes to Napoleon. While, on yet another moment, when other animals deplored the uneven distribution of food, he once again managed to assure them that the pigs in making the farm policies needed an extra amount of food. Moreover, he also convinced Boxer when he questioned how a patriotic hero from the “Battle of Cowshed” could be declared a traitor, with him mercilessly wounded. Squalor slyly told Boxer that it was all pre-planned and Snowball had all the affiliation with Mr. Jones to cheat on every animal living on the farm. Also, when Clover through Muriel after reading the seven rules professed dissent, that there were made modifications in the commandments, which she remembered, never went the way they looked that day, Squalor with smart tone persuaded her that in fact she had forgotten the exact words. Furthermore, when Benjamin informed all other animals of the farm about the selling of Boxer to the knacker’s house, it was Squalor, who kept on the nerves, and got everyone in confidence, that the veterinary team had not so far painted the cart, which they had bought from the slaughter house and that Boxer had been sent to the veterinary hospital for all the possible treatment. Additionally, other animals could not even discriminate pigs from the humans when they had a get together at the Animal Farm.

Thus, to conclude, the tale thoroughly and collectively summons the transformation of power in the human society. For instance, similar to the absolutism of Napoleon, our society to a larger extent is dominated by such oppressors where the elite unlawfully maneuver the destitute. Law and orders are in frequent adjustments according to the will of the most opulent persons. The lower and the middle class people, on the other hand, like animals of the Manor farm, are deprived of the most fundamental essentialities of life. It, moreover, exhibits how indoctrination by the leading party members mollify the public’s sentiment towards them in time of serious urgency and how they, similar to the animal farm, remodel management and administration for their own interest after getting into power.


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