Animal Farm: The Usage Of A Power

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In a communist society power is constantly abused, and becomes very harmful to people who gain it, and are around it. Power and control are one of the important themes in “Animal Farm”. “Animal Farm” written by George Orwell, is a political satire which tells the story about animals overthrowing Jones and coming up with “Animalism”, which represents communism. In this novel, It shows how power can be abused very quickly, it shows how power is hard to handle, and how too much power, can be very dangerous.

Napoleon is the pig who emerges as the leader of the farm after the rebellion, he represents Joseph Stalin in the Cold War. Napoleon uses military force, who are his nine dogs to intimidate the other animals and gain power over them. Napoleon isn’t passionate about improving the farm and animals, he only cares about having the power to himself. He makes the animals work so hard to make them tired to forget that they are treated like slaves, he even leads them to starvation on the farm and shows no concern for the well-being of the animals, and also sells the little food they have to neighbouring farms. Napoleon changes the rules of the farm so it could be to his liking, he allows himself to sleep on comfortable beds and drink alcohol while the other animals suffer through the harsh conditions of the farm. Power in Napoleon’s hands was dangerous, it can show how quickly a person could go to an extent to gain power and control.

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Jones is the farmer, responsible for the farm in the beginning of the book, he uses his job to gain power over all the animals, he abuses his power by not fulfilling his duties as the leader of the farm. “Mr. Jones, of the Manor Farm, had locked the hen houses for the night but was too drunk to remember to shut the pop holes. With the ring of light from his lantern dancing from side to side, he lurched across the yard kicked off his boots at the back door, drew himself a glass of beer from the barrel and made his way up to bed, Mr Jones was already snoring”. (Quote by Orwell) Jones abused his power and starved the animals all night because he was too busy drinking. This really shows how much power shouldn’t be in the wrong hands.

Squealer, who is a representation of propaganda and also Napoleon’s right hand, uses fear to control the animals and gain power over them. “ surely, comrades you do not want Jones back?” (Quote by Squealer). Squealer keeps on sharing fake stories about the events at the farm, he spreads rumours about Snowball, constantly changes the seven commandments, changes the revolutionary song, explains why the pigs took all the milk, and manages to explain the confusions with Mr Fredrick and Mr Pilkington. Squealer even lied to the animals and said that Boxer the horse went to the hospital, but really he and Napoleon had sent him to the slaughterhouse. He uses his fake stories to gain the power he wants because Squealer is selfish and power-hungry.

Jones, Napoleon, and Squealer are different but have one thing in common, they had a lot of power. They all corrupt the power they have and exploited the animals. Napoleon, because he had so much power, did anything he wanted, he secretly drank the milk and got away with it, he scared Snowball away with his dogs and got away with it, he even changed the seven commandments to his liking, and got away with it. The more power one has, the more control one has over people, then the more corrupt it is possible for that person to become.                             


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