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Since I started to read the book, Anne of Green Gables has been one of my favourite books to read. Gradually reading the book, I start to find myself admire the beauty of Anne’s character. An orphan who finds her way into the hearts of all who know her, Anne is truly a model for women everywhere. So, why is it that Anne is so appealing? She is a woman of many appeals—a few of which stand out in my mind.

Anne helps people change their lives. This aspect of the character of Anne is to be the most appealing. Anne meets people in the novel who feel sad or unloved. For example, Marilla the adoptive “mother” of Anne, who is hesitant at first to consider a short-tempered, dreamy young girl. Yet after some time with Anne, Marilla tells a friend, “She hasn’t changed, not really. It’s us that’s changed…” Anne reaches out to others, and see their good. And that is not an easy thing to do. But Anne, with her modesty and honesty, shows me that anybody can approach others like themselves, whether they have flaws or not.

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Anne can admit when she’s wrong. In the book, Anne makes a lot of mistakes throughout the chapters. For example, when Anne blew up at Rachel Lynde for commenting on her red hair. Anne said to Marilla once, “there’s a book of revelations in everyone’s life. I’ve been so wrong.” Instead of avoiding her mistakes, Anne works to make things right again. She creates an apology for Rachel for blowing in her face. In the book Anne said, not quoted, that it is often the small things that big changes are made.

Committed to an orphanage as a young girl with nothing but a life of servitude and despair ahead of her, Anne was forgotten and abandoned. However, despite that her imaginations allowed her to find beauty in the often cruel and ugly world around her. Anne never gave in to the problems trying to put her down and she never loses faith that a better life awaits her. Even when she’s in “the depth of despair” Anne manages to persevere and stay true to herself to achieve her goals.

In short, Anne never gives up nor does she change for the sake of fitting in. Anne keeps her unique individuality and invites and accepts those around her to see the world through her eyes of imaginations. Once they do, they are changed forever. She is one of many unique and special characters that make us believe in ourselves and drive us to follow our dreams regardless of the obstacles that lie in front of us. Anne Shirley shows us that anything is possible with enough confidence, tenacity and “scope for the imagination.” And these key traits make Anne Shirley appealing.  


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